New Super Mario Bros U World 5 Soda Jungle Star Coins Guide Part 3

Soda jungle is probably one of the biggest worlds we have encountered so far in New Super Mario Bros U. Now it’s finally time to get all the coins in this world


  • Soda Jungle

Mighty Cannonship

  1. The first star coin of this stage is easy to spot, just go down the ladder and get it quickly before it goes away.
  2. The second coin is after the red coins loop: use a cannonball to jump higher and reach the coin with ease.
  3. The last Star Coin of the stage is after the checkpoint, surrounded by breakeable blocks: break them yourself or lure a red torpedo to get rid of all the blocks as quickly as possible. Remember that the stage moves along by itself so you must be really quick.

Flight of The Para Beatles

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain view: just use the para beatles to jump higher and reach the Star Coin.
  2. This second coin is in plain view just like the first one: the squirrel suit will make it easy. If you don’t have it just do like you did with the first coin: higher jump by jumping on a para beatle.
  3. Right before the end of the stage is a red pipe and inside it is a Star Coin, the last for this stage: to get inside the pipe you must use a beatle once again. Please note that this stage doesn’t have a checkpoint so you need to be extra careful if you don’t want to do it all over again.

Iggy’s Castle

  1. Easy to spot, trickier to get: wait until the lava gets back, run to get the coin and then get immediately out of the way or the lava will kill you.
  2. A bit before the checkpoint, there’s a group of green pipes: to get inside the middle one either use the squirrel suit or jump onto some skeleton koopas.
  3. The last Star Coin of the stage and of the whole Soda Jungle world in in another green pipe, right before the door to the boss: just wait for the lava to get back to get inside it. You’ll find some skeleton koopas in the pipe, together with the Star Coin: just jump on their heads to get the Star Coin and get back to where you were before through the entrance pipe.

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