New Super Mario Bros U World 5 Soda Jungle Star Coins Guide Part 2

Time to complete getting all the Star Coins in World 5, Soda Jungle, in New Super Mario Bros U. Now we’re closer than ever to getting all of them!


  • Soda Jungle

Witch-Way Labyrinth

  1. The first star coin is in the second room of the stage, after the falling platform bit: you’ll meet a white enemy to the left and after going left for a bit, you’ll find the coin.
  2. After getting the illumination yoshi keep going to the right until you reach the wall: the Star Coin is nearby.
  3. The last coin is close to the exit: it’s hidden behind an invisible left wall which can be reached through the top most door in the first room, up the stairs.

Painted Swampland

  1. The first coin is down a yellow pipe after you get the invincible star: get down the pipe, avoid the ghosts and get the Star Coin!
  2. This coins is near the checkpoint and you won’ t be able to miss it, it’s in plain view
  3. Having a suit will make things easier since it’s hard to avoid damage: the coin is near a ring of ghosts.


Deep Sea Ruins

  1. The first Star Coin is in the water, between two statues facing each other: hard to miss, easy to get
  2. You’ll see the second coin after going through the checkpoint: it’s between a ring of boo ghosts.
  3. At the top of the water near the end of the stage is Star Coin number 3: jump on the platform to the right and a stone will start falling, with the Star Coin on it.


Seesaw Bridge

  1. This coin is inside a pipe, a little while after a random item block. Be careful since half of the pipe is hidden inside the wall
  2. Easy to spot, trickier to get: this Star Coin will be inside the poisoned water. Use the red koopa’s shell nearby: aim carefully and you’re good to go.
  3. The last star coin is near the end of the stage, in the pipe to the right of a sequence of 3 pipes with 2 piranha plants. Once inside the pipe hit the blocks accordingly to get the Coin.


Wiggler’s Stampede

  1. The first coin of this stage is in plain view, just use a wiggler to bounce and reach the coin.
  2. Around the middle of the stage you’ll see a giant wiggler near a sequence of brown blocks: bounce on him to hit them and make a beanstalk appear. Once up the stalk, keep pushing the block to make more stalks appear and reach the coin.
  3. The third star coin is in plain view but you need to watch out for the wiggler’s movement as it’s going to go underwater right before the coin: time your jump or just use the squirrel suit.


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