New Super Mario Bros U World 5 Soda Jungle Star Coins Guide Part 1

Having reached the halfway point of the game, it’s time to collect the remaining Star Coins in the last 4 worlds of New Super Mario Bros U. Today we’ll start with World 5, Soda Jungle


  • Soda Jungle

Jungle of the Giants

  1. The first coin is right in plain view: use the giant koopa’s shell nearby to clear the path to the coin.
  2. After the checkpoint and the fire flower nearby, you’ll pass a giant goomba and you’ll see a giant koopa on a pipe: get inside that pipe, use the P block and grab the Star Coin.
  3. The last coin for this stage is in plain view but requires a Squirrel Suit to get: it’s right before the end of the stage.

Bridge Over Poisoned Waters

  1. This first coin is right at the beginning of the stage: jump on the log and take that Star Coin.
  2. After the first coin, keep going forward until you are on a very long log: jump around the middle to reveal a hidden block: keep doing so until you can reach the pipe where the star coin is located.
  3. The last star coin is easily spottable as well: the squirrel suit will make your life easier but you can just time your jumps to reach it, it’s not tricky at all.

Bramball Woods

  1. Impossible to miss: wall jump and the Star Coin’s yours
  2. This star coin is close to 2 brumble balls enemies and a few platforms: under the top one is the Star Coin. To get it you must use the bramble balls to jump right onto the platforms and it can be tricky: if you have the ice flower you can freeze the balls and make your life a lot easier.
  3. The last Star Coin of this stage is easy to spot but kinda trickier to get, requiring some precise platforming: the Squirrel Suit obviously makes things easier. My advice is to use the donut platforms properties to your advantage.

Snake Block Tower

  1. Being on the block snake for almost all the stage, the Star Coins here require some quick thinking and you’ll need it to get the first one.
  2. To get this coin you’ll need to jump on the mini block snake, get the coin and then get back on the bigger snake: you won’t miss the coin but you have to be really quick.
  3. The third star coin needs you to jump on the mini snake in the second room ,grab the coin and then head back to the bigger snake. Speed is all you need here as well.

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