New Super Mario Bros U Superstar Road Guide Part 2

Having covered the first 3 stages of the secret world Superstar road in New Super Mario Bros U, we’ll complete getting the Star Coins in the world, finally earning all the Star Coins included into the game.

Hammerswing Caverns

  1. The first Star Coin is a bit after the beginning of the level, where two hammer blocks move to form a bridge: you can see some coins by looking up. Get them and get into the hidden area to get the first Star Coin.
  2. A bit after the first Star Coin, you’ll see a pipe near the bottom end of the level: you’ll need the squirrel suit to get into the pipe. Once inside use the P block to gain access to the Star Coin: time your movement carefully as to not waste too much time.
  3. The last star coin of the stage is near the end of the stage, slightly out of reach: use a wall jump to get to it easily.

Spinning Platforms of Doom

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain sight: a group of Boos is circling around it and you can enter the circle only from the bottom. The squirrel suit will help you in reaching it.
  2. This Star Coin can be found close to two platforms: wait for them to get vertical, get the coin and wall jump to get back on top.
  3. Close to the end of the stage is a blue pipe rising from the bottom. Close to the visible one there’s a shorter one: get inside to reach the Star Coin. The Squirrel Suit will help you just like with the previous coin.

Fire Bar Cliffs

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain sight and hard to miss: drop down and get back quickly. You need to be really fast to avoid damage from the fire.
  2. The second Star Coin can be reached through a pipe hidden in a secret area: look for indentations in walls. Inside the pipe move carefully to avoid damage from fire.
  3. The last Star Coin from the stage can be found inside a pipe hidden in a secret area of the vertical section of the stage. More fire dodging awaits you inside to reach the Star Coin.

Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu!

  1. The first Star Coin is close to the beginning of the stage: drop onto the moving blocks to get it, then wall jump to get back up.
  2. The second Star Coin is near some of the rotating pink blocks. Use a Lakitu cloud to make everything easier.
  3. The final Star Coin is near the end of the stage, it’s under a platform with some grass. A lakitu cloud is required to get it.

Pendulum Castle

  1. The first Star Coin is close to a sequence of spiked pendulum balls and falling blocks. Ride one of the blocks to get down and grab the coin.
  2. The second Star Coin is hidden inside a secret pipe, far to the right of the area of the first Star Coin. Once inside use the bottom pillar to avoid the pendulum and reach the ? block.
  3. The last Star Coin is at the end of the stage: push the ? switch to create a bridge of red blocks: move accordingly to the pendulum to get the Star Coin with ease.

Follow that Shell

  1. Use a Koopa shell to break the blocks and kill the goombas. You’ll also open the path to the Star Coin in the process.
  2. This second Star Coin requires some good timing and skill on your part. Follow the shell from the beginning and get ready to hit the P block when the shell starts going down and press it right when the shell hits the blocks: the shell will end up getting the Star Coin for you.
  3. Keep following the shell from Coin 2 location and you’ll end up crushing more blocks and make a bean stalk appear: climb it up to get the Coin. And after this, all Star Coins will finally be yours.


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