New Super Mario Bros U World 4 Sparkling Waters Star Coins Guide Part 2

Time to complete getting all the Star Coins in the fourth world of New Super Mario Bros U: the more we go on the trickier things become so don’t give up easily and keep trying until you can get all the coins.


  • Sparkling Waters

Urchin Shoals

  1. To get all the Star Coins in this stage you need to play as Mini Mario: right after the beginning of the stage, after the block with a fire flower inside, you’ll notice a brown block. Ground pound it to make a mini mushroom appear: make the donut platforms drop to grab the mushroom. After you are in mini form keep heading right: you’ll get your first Star Coin.
  2. Right after getting the first coin, continue uo the water sprout and get on the pipe: go through the next area that can only be explored as Mini Mario and grab your second coin.
  3. After the chekpoint and the giant purple urchins you’ll see a red koopa and a series of giant urchin guarding a pipe: use the koopa’s shell to take them out and enter the pipe.


Dragoneel’s Undersea Grotto

  1. This first coin is in plain sight near the beginning of the stage: just be careful when approaching it since the dragon eel will appear near the coin. Wait a bit for it to circle around the coin and you’ll be fine.
  2. This one is also in plain view, after the checkpoint: break the blocks and get the Coin. Obviously you need to be at least in Super form to accomplish this.
  3. Incredibly enough, even the third coin is visible right away: after the red loop ring you’ll see a red pipe. Get down it and quickly get the coin, avoiding the eels. Once you’re done go back the way you came from.


Skyward Stalk

  1. Easy one: after the red loop you’ll see the coin and you won’t have any trouble collecting it
  2. The Squirrel Suit is needed to get the second Star Coin but it shouldn’t be a problem if you got it at the beginning of the stage and you haven’t lost yet: the second coin is hidden behind a bigger cloud on the left side of the screen
  3. Another easy one: it’s in plain sight and you won’t miss it. Either flying with the Squirrel Suit or jump on the baloon goombas to make the Star Coin yours.


Larry’s Torpedo Castle

  1. The first coin of the castle is in plain views sometime after the beginning of the stage: avoid the fire jets and time your wall jumps. Nothing too hard.
  2. Another visible Star Coin, it’s in the second room of the castle. Don’t rush it if you don’t want to take damage: wait for an opening among the fire jets and swim below to get the coin
  3. The last coin for world 3 is right before the boss, above the central fence. A line of coins will guide you towards the Star Coin located just above.


And this is all for the Sparkling Waters world! Four worlds down, four more to go!


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