New Super Mario Bros U World 4 Sparkling Waters Star Coins Guide Part 1

With three worlds under the belt today we’ll start getting the Star Coins located in the fourth world of New Super Mario Bros U: stages may start getting a little trickier but bear with us as we guide to the Star Coins.


  • Sparkling Waters

Watersprout Beach

  1. After the block with the ice flower, keep going forward and you’ll see the coin: you can either do a triple jump or use the flying squirrel suit, which is actually easier
  2. After a third ice flower block you’ll see a fountain beginning to sprout water: time your movement well and you’ll get the coin
  3. The final coin is past the checkpoint and another ice flower block: there are 5 water sprouts nearby a POW block. Hitting the POW block will make the coin fall in the center sprout

Tropical Refresher


  1. This one is a bit tricky: keep going forward from the beginning and you’ll see 2 yellow pipes together. Go past them and after a bit you’ll see a yellow pipe between two red pipes: the Star Coin will come out of the yellow pipe after some time
  2. Past the checkpoint and all the red pipes and before the green pipe is a platform: swim below it to reach a switch then get quickly back to the green pipe to get the coin
  3. Get inside the green pipe to grab the rainbow star, quickly get out to get another star from the ! block: move forward to take out the giant urchin blocking your path to the coin

Giant Skewer Tower


  1. Head into the pipe by jumping on the musical notes block: swim a bit towards the left and you’ll see the star coin
  2. After getting the first star coin, head up and then right: you can do a running jump or make things easier with the squirrel suit
  3. Near the end of the stage the last coin is being guarded by a giant skewer: just like before a good jump will do the trick but using the squirrel suit will make everything smoother.

Haunted Shipwreck


  1. After going through the wall to the right at the beginning of the stage you’ll be in an area with a lot of fake walls: get past the sign and into the water. Keep going right to find the coin, it’s past another fake wall.
  2. After the area with many boos and the block with the fire flower, keep going to the right and you’ll see the coins: some precise jumping will do the trick.
  3. Get out of the previous area by going up and to the right and enter the green door. Go up and through the invisible wall until you reach a long platform: gain speed and jump to get the star coin above the green door you came in from.

Above the Cheep Cheep Seas


  1. Really hard to miss: be quick on the donut blocks and you’ll be fine
  2. After the Yoshi egg after the checkpoint flag you’ll see the star coin near the water sprout. Time your movement and you’ll get the coin
  3. After coin number two, keep going forward until you see a smaller green pipe: it’s quite far and you’ll have to do the best jump possible and a spin to be able to reach it, you can also use Yoshi for help but you’ll loose him. Once in the pipe get the POW block and use it near the platforms: the star coin will fall on one of them.


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