New Super Mario Bros U World 3 Frost Glacier Star Coins Guide Part 2

With half of the world already under our belt, we’ll complete gathering all Star Coins in the Frosted Glacier world in New Super Mario U.


  • Frosted Glacier

Scaling the Mountain Side

  1. This one’s impossible to miss, it’s in plain sight: jump to grab the coin or use the squirrel suit if you want to make things even easier.
  2. Just like the first one, you won’t miss this one: jump on one of the bullet bills or hover with the squirrel suit to get the coin
  3. Unlike the previous ones, this one is kinda hard to find: it’s hidden in a hole near some bullet bill pretty close to Star Coin 2. Jump or use the squirrel suit to get your coin.

Icicle Caverns

  1. The first coin is inside a falling icicle, right after a block with a fire flower in it: avoid the falling icicle and get the star coin hidden inside of it
  2. After the checkpoint you’ll meet an icy hammer bro with a pipe above him: jump on him to get inside the pipe. You can also hover with the squirrel suit to avoid some trouble.
  3. Easy one again: in plain sight right near the end of the stage, impossible to miss.

Swaying Ghost House

  1. This stage is pretty confusing so even getting the Star Coins becomes more complicated than usual. The first one is in plain sight but you probably won’t be able to reach it: hit the P block first to get to the Star Coin.
  2. After getting the first coin and moving into a second room, use the the door to the top right: hit the P block in this room and head inside the green door. Run all the way to the end of the room for the second Star Coin.
  3. This is hands down one of the trickiest Star Coin to get: hit the P block in room 3 and get directly below the P block. In the room with the arrow sign hit another P block to make block appear after Mario: jump as high as you can to get above the green door to reveal another green door. Once inside you’ll finally be able to get the Star Coin.

Fliprus Lake

  1. The first one is not too hard to miss: after avoiding a spike ball blowing piranha plant you’ ll see a platform with the Coin.
  2. Right above the first fliprus is a green pipe: use him to get inside, defeat two more fliprus and the coin will be yours.
  3. Near the end of the stage is a floating platform: wait for it to get as high as possible and jump to the right to get your Star Coin.

Wendy’s Shifting Castle

  1. Near the beginning of the castle is a section wth many falling thomps: the last one hides a Star Coin. Time your movement and you won’t have any trouble.
  2. This one is a bit annoying: two brown blocks will be guarded by two mini thomps. Jump on the second block and jump again to reveal a hidden block: get onto it and enter the pipe where the Star Coin is located.
  3. The last coin for this world is pretty easy: near the end of the castle you’ll see a shifting platform with a line of coins pointing down. Follow it down to enter a pipe and grab the final Star Coin guarded by a giant thomp.


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