New Super Mario Bros U World 3 Frost Glacier Star Coins Guide Part 1

Time to get all the Star Coins located in the third world of Super Mario Bros U called Frosted Glacier. By now you already know that you may have to put in an extra effort to get all the coins but this is why we’re here, to help you in your quest. Here we go!


  • Frosted Glacier

Spinning Star Sky

  1. After the block with the Squirrel Suit keep going forward until you see a flying red koopa: hover over it with the suit or just use him to jump higher and get the coin.
  2. After coin number 1, you’ll notice a single block: go past it and use the distance to hover onto it and jump to reveal a beanstalk: climb it up and get the Star Coin
  3. After the checkpoint and the green coins loop you’ll see a flying red koopa again: just like before hover with the squirrel suit or use it to jum higher and get inside a hidden cave, where the Star Coin is located.


Cooligan Fields

  1. Really hard to miss this Star Coin: it’s in plain view, near some penguins. Dispose of the with the ice flower and grab the coin with ease
  2. After the checkpoint you’ll have to go a long way before reaching an area with 2 pipes and a block line: crush the blocks and wall jump to get the coin
  3. For this last coin, you’ll need the help of a penguin: you can even use a squirrel suit if riding penguins doesn’t suit you, even though it’s somewhat easier since the area is full of penguins. Ride one to get on the brown platform then jump on the blocks to get the Star Coin.


Freezing Rain Tower

  1. This coin is on a slope close to the left end wall: just run to avoid getting it by the freezing drops and you’ll be fine.
  2. This one is an easy one to spot and requires a bit of speed from you to get: you’ll have to be quick enough to avoid the falling icicles, get the coin and then get back
  3. Right before the boss, near the last question mark block you’ll see, there’s a hidden wall: go through it, wall jump and get the Star Coin.


Prickly Goombas

  1. This one may be a little tricky: you’ll have to avoid or take down quite a lot goombas before reaching a pipe with more goombas on it. Take them out, enter the pipe and get the Star Coin.
  2. After the checkpoint, follow the trails of coins to reach a secret cave: hit the yoshi block to jump on a black yoshi, hover into a little platform and grab the Star Coin
  3. This coins is really easy: after getting the second coin you’ll see the third one in plain view.

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