New Super Mario Bros U World 2 Layer Cake Desert Star Coins Guide Part 2

In the third part of the Star Coins guide we’ll complete getting all coins for the second world in the game, Layer Cake Desert. Let’s get to it!

  • Layer Cake Desert

Dry Desert Mushrooms


  1. The first Star Coin is hard to miss: it’s located between two spikes and it’s in plain view.
  2. The second coin is right after the checkpoint: time your jump to get onto the mushroom and get the coin
  3. The third Star Coin is close to the second: get into the green pipe below the mushroom. Inside the pipe activate the POW block and run quickly to get the last Star Coin.


Blooming Lakitus


  1. The first Star Coin for this stage is in plain views, near a koopa and some blocks. Jump and get the coin.
  2. After the checkpoint keep going forward to see a POW block and a Lakitu: get on his cloud and get past the coins to enter a pipe.
  3. The last Star Coin is also going to be in plain sight near the end of the stage: time your jumps and avoid all the piranha plants


Piranha Plants On Ice


  1. To grab the Star Coins in this stage you need to be really quick: the first one is between two piranha plants and if you’re not fast enough an ice block will block the way to the coin.
  2. The second coin is inside an invisible pipe close to the green coins loop: wall kick from the right to the left and then right again. Get inside the pipe and take your time avoiding the enemies inside the pipe.
  3. The last Star Coin in the stage is right below the pipe leading to the second coin: jump from block to block to reach the coin.


Morton Jr. Castle


  1. The first coin of the castle is in plain view: start getting speed on the bigger platform and keep up the speed while jumping on the smaller ones to reach the coin.
  2. The second star coin is close to the previous one: it’s in a pipe close to a visible red pipe with a platform hovering down it. Once inside the pipe to the right just wall jump and you’ll get the Star Coin.
  3. The final Star Coin for this stage and World requires some patience: you’ll need some quick jumping on the platforms past the checkpoint to grab the Star Coin. There’s actually a trick that will help you: grab the coins and use that location to plan ahead, you won’t be crushed by waiting where the coins are.

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