New Super Mario Bros U World 2 Layer Cake Desert Star Coins Guide Part 1

Now that we have got all the coins in the first world of Super Mario Bros U we’ll move on the next world, Layer Cake Desert.

  • Layer Cake Desert

Stone Eye Zone

  1. The first star coin of this stage it’s impossible to miss, you’ll see it while proceeding through the level, over a stone eye and near some blocks.
  2. After the checkpoint you’ll see a sign pointing right, with a pipe right over it. Use the Squirrel Suit to get on the palm tree and through the pipe.
  3. The third coin is a bit after the location of the second one: you’ll see it inside a sand fountain: time your jump well and get your coin.


  • Perilous Pokey Cave
  1. The first star coin is impossible to miss: jump onto the red koopa and take it.
  2. The second star coin is close to the first one: at the first sand fountain you’ll see, get in the middle to make an invisible block appear. Use it to wall jump and get both the regular coins and the Star Coin.
  3. The final Star Coin is in the dark area: while exploring it you should see a yellow and a gree pipe. There’s an invisible block beneath the green pipe so hit it and use it to get into the pipe. You can jump off Yoshi or use the squirrel suit to reach the coin with ease.


  • Fire-Snake Cavern
  1. The first Star Coin is after the fire snakes, right above the green pipe. Use the light bulb platform to the left of the pipe to get on the pipe and get the coin.
  2. The second one is after you get the second Yoshi after the checkpoint: fall to the left of the platform and ground pound the brick in the middle of the next platform you’ll get on. Enter the pipe below together with Yoshi. Inside the pipe you’ll have to be quick avoiding the snakes and pushing the POW block.
  3. The final Star Coin for this stage is after the sign near a red coins ring, in the area with some Fire Bros: there’s a pipe nearby so dispose of the bros and head into the pipe.


  • Stone Slide Tower
  1. The first Star Coin is close to the beginning of the stage: do a spin move on the first cog to get the coin.
  2. The second coin is really hard to miss: you’ll get it by spinning the cog and quickly get past the wall to the left
  3. The final Star Coin for the stage is near the end of the level, close to the sign pointing up. Use the spiked enemies to destroy the grey blocks, time your jumps and get you Star Coin.


  • Spike Sprouting Sands
  1. The first coin is in plain sight between two enemies: take one of them out by jumping below one of the blocks and grab the coins
  2. The second coin is right after the block with the Ice Flower power up. You’ll see a sand fountain: there’s a hidden block above it, hit it and climb the beanstalk.
  3. The third coin is to the right of 3 sand fountains: run through the diagonal sign and get inside the pipe, grab the mini mushroom and run towards the end for the third star coin.

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