New Super Mario Bros U World 1 Acorn Plains Star Coins Guide Part 2

In the first part of the guide we covered the first four stages in the Acorn Plains World in New Super Mario Bros U. In this part we’ll complete the first world and gather all Star Coins available in Acorn Plains.

Acorn Plains

Mushroom Heights

  1. After the block with the Fire Flower, keep moving forward until you reach an arch made of coins: use baby Yoshi’s ability to reach the Star Coin
  2. After the checkpoint you’ll see the star coin under a Blue Mushroom: use baby yoshi again to reach the coin
  3. You’ll see the last coin near the end of the stage, surrounded by 2 gian piranha plants: time your jump and the coin is yours

Rise of the Piranha Plants

  1. The first star coin is hard to miss, you’ll encounter it right before the checkpoint. Destroy the plants using the fire suit and the coin will be yours
  2. Right past the last hammer bro and the block with a fire mushroom you’ll see a pipe: once inside you’ll encounter a giant piranha plant blocking the path to the coin. Dispose of it with fire and acquire your coin.
  3. The last Star Coin is by the end of the stage, guarded by one hammer bro: take him out and grab the coin

Blooper’s Secret Lair

  1. The first star coin is hard to miss: get past the blowing pipes by timing your swim and the coin will be yours
  2. The second one is close to the first and it seems like there’s no way to get it. Here’s the trick: swim below the red pipe without going too low and die
  3. The last coin for this stage is a little though to get: after the section with the red coins loop you’ll emerge from a pipe into an area full of bloopers. Take them out if you can and reach the 2 pipes not blowing: enter the correct one and you’ll have to face more bloopers. It can be hard without a way to take them out.

Lemmy’s Castle

  1. The first coin is hard to miss: it’s between two swinging platforms. Time your jump or use the squirrel suit
  2. For the second coin you need to have the squirrel suit: don’t worry since there’s one available near the first Star Coin. Once past the checkpoint you’ll see the coin in a hard to reach position: move past it so that’ll have more space to gain speed, jump wall twice
  3. and hover towards the coin.
  4. The last coin for Acorn Plains is after the red coins loop and the blue swings: you’ll see a green pipe over some lava and get inside. Avoid the lava man and get the coin: just like before, the squirrel suit makes everything easier.


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