New Super Mario Bros U Secrets And Unlockables Guide

Now that we have found all the Star Coins scattered throughout the game, we’ll be covering some secrets hidden in New Super Mario Bros U. It wouldn’t be a Mario game without all those, wouldn’t it?

  • The Records House

After beating Bowser and completing the game, a new island will be available with a Purple Mushroom House that can be reached through a pipe. This is the Records House which will keep track of all your accomplishments during the game like the number of times you have died, how many lives you have earned from flagpoles, number of applauses and some more.

  • Flag Pole Bonuses

This one is another staple of the New Super Mario Bros series: complete the stage with the same last two numbers on the timer and you’ll hear the classic level complete music from Super Mario Bros, together with fireworks. After that, Mario will receive a random item from a Toad.

  • Underground Stages The Easy Way

A lot of the underground stages begin above ground, then develop underground before getting above ground again. What players may not know is that the above ground parts are connected: if you have a p-acorn from a Nabbit you can simply fly from the beginning to the end, without ever getting under the ground. Easy huh?

  • Save Files Stars

You may have noticed that there can be 5 stars associated with your save file. Here’s how to get them

  1. Catch Nabbit in the first Seven Worlds
  2. Get all Star Coins
  3. Complete all SuperStar Road stages
  4. Complete the game
  5. Clear all stages including the secret ones
  • Blast From The Past

While in Superstar Road, you can obtain the propeller sit and the penguin suit, both from New Super Mario Bros Wii, from the mushroom houses. These items can’t be obtained in any other way.

  • Free Acorns and P-Acorns

As you probably know, every couple completed stages, an Acorn will spawn in Acorn Plains. Once you clear the game they will become P-Acorns! No more needing to catch Nabbits.

  • Mushroom Houses and Yoshis Everywhere

Once you clear the game, Yoshis will appear on the map in a number of random locations, getting respawned often. Also, all the mushroom houses will become usable again for an unlimited number of times! Free items await you!

  • Save Anywhere

After you have defeated Bowser you can save anywhere you like by pressing the plus button while on the map.

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