New Super Mario Bros U Secret World Superstar Road Guide Part 1

You may think that New Super Mario Bros U may be over once Bowser is defeated but it’s not the case. World 9, Superstar Road, will become available after completing the game: you’ll be able to reach the secret world by using a warp pipe. To fully unlock the Superstar road world, you must complete every world to 100%: this means finding all Star Coins, all secret exits and stages. This will make the final stage in the world available. Obviously you’ll be able to find even more Star Coins in this world but don’t worry, we’re to help you!

  • Superstar Road

Spine Tingling Spine Coaster

  1. Duck under the first fuzzy and get the first Star Coin, making sure you don’t jump too much and hit the second incoming fuzzy.
  2. During the ride, you’ll see a Star Coin in plain view after the coaster itself starts to rise: don’t rush and wait for the coin to move together with the coaster.
  3. Near the end of the stage, you’ll notice multiple coaster tracks and a fuzzy coming after you: you’ll notice the last Star Coin following you from behind. Grab it before the fuzzy blocks your way.

Run For It

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain view not too long after the beginning of the stage. Do a ground pound to break the blocks and get it: just be careful to not go overboard with the pound and break all the blocks below you.
  2. This Star Coin is not too hard: you’ll see in a section with some winged koopas. Wait for the koopa to go to the lowest possible, jump on him to get the coin and get back to the block platform.
  3. To get the last Star Coin of the stage you won’t have to ‘run for it’: the last platform before the final flag must be used to reach the coin. Just wait for the countdown to end to make the coins revert black to blocks.

Swim For Your Life

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain view and not too hard to get: just time your movement to avoid damage from the urchins.
  2. The second Star Coin is quite easy to see as well: after a section with urchins columns, you’ll see it right up a water current. Time you movement to get it easily.
  3. This Star Coin can be quite tricky to get: you need to make the bigger fish eat the smaller ones coming after you while avoiding the urchins right near the end of the stage.


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