New Super Mario Bros U Secret Exits Guide

A Mario game wouldn’t be one without secret exits which lead to secret levels and even shortcuts to skip a nice amount of levels if you’re in a hurry. There are a total of 12 secret exists and there’s at least one in every world. If you want to gain access to the secret Star Road world, you’ll need to collect the Star Coins in each of the secret stages.

World 1

The secret exit in Acorn Plains is located in stage 2, Tilted Tunnel: when you reach the read circle in the stage, wait for the rock to get downwards. Get back to the circle’s location and you’ll be able to jump on the ceiling, Look for another rock to jump over a second ceiling to reach the secret exit.

World 2

The secret exit in Layer Cake Desert is in the fourth stage, Spike’s Sprouting Sands: reach the sign pointing to the right after the last Star Coin and keep going forward. You’ll reach a hidden area with a pipe: keep going to reach the secret exit.

World 3

The secret exit in the Sparkling Waters world is located inside the Haunted Shipwreck Ghost House. Right before the end of the ship, try getting up on the ceiling: a boo is guarding the opening so lure him away. If you have trouble getting in the opening with a wall jump you can use the squirrel suit to help you.

World 4

The secret exit in Frosted Glacier world is inside the Swinging Ghost House: it’s close to the last Star Coin of the stage. In the area with the big platform moving up as you jump, keep jumping way past the door to reach another door: behind it is the secret exit for world 4

World 5

  1. Soda Jungle has actually 4 secret exits! The first one is in the Bridge Over Poisoned Water stage, near the end of the level in the pillars sections: use a koopa’s shell to hit the block near one of the pillars to male a beanstalk appear. Climb it to reach the secret exit.
  2. The second secret exit is located inside the Ghost House Which Way Labyrinth: if you followed our guide to get all the Star Coins you’ll reach the secret exit while trying to get the last Star Coin.
  3. The fourth secret exit is in the Painted Swampland: after the red ring and getting all the red coins, you’ll notice a pipe on the water. Jump on it and get under the next platform. keep going forward to reach the secret exit.
  4. The last secret exit is in the Deepsea Ruins: at the end of the stage wait for the statue to reveal a path to right. Get inside it to reach the secret exit.

World 6

  1. Rock Candy Mines has two secret exits total: the first one is in the Walking Piranha Plants stage. After the moving platforms section you’ll see a chain: instead of using it to jump over, slide down the cliff to the left to reach a secret passage leading to the secret exit.
  2. The last secret exit is in the Grinding Stone Tower: get the mini mushroom at the beginning of the tower by going left of the first moving pipes. You’ll eventually reach an area only mini Mario can explore: the secret exit is there. You’ll also find the third Star Coin this way.

World 7

The secret exit in Meringue Clouds in the Spinning Spirit Ghost House, right after the last Star Coin of the stage, check out our Star Coins guide for details.

World 8

The last secret exit is in the Meteor Moat stage: once you reach the P block, run as fast as you can to the right so that some coins will actually be a platform, helping you to reach the secret exit.

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