New Super Mario Bros U Boss Battles Guide Part 4

Koopalings, Koopalings everywhere! Maybe not this time, since most of them have already been taken care of in New Super Mario Bros U. As always, they’ll try to get in your way at the end of each world so when you see a castle, you know what to expected. To battle!

  • Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa is the boss guarding the final castle in World 7. Just like in the battle with Roy Koopa, you’ll be fighting outdoors. This battle will get easily crowded since Ludwig will create clones of himself, all shooting multiple projectiles at you. Concentrate on avoiding the attacks and wait for them to come closer to you: the clones will be coming first and Ludwig will be the last. Stomp on his head and repeat the whole strategy. The only tricky part could be avoiding the ranged attacks but with some skills you’ll be able to do win this fight without too much trouble.

  • Bowser Jr. Part 2

The second fight with Bowser Jr is completely different from the first one, which was underwater. This time you can jump on his little green head, but it won’t be too easy- Bowser Jr will be up in the sky, and launch Bo-Bombs at Mario. Keep avoiding the bombs until Bowser Jr. tries to attack you directly, becoming stuck in the process: run up to him and jump on his head. Repeat three times this simple strategy and victory shall be yours

  • Bowser

No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the game, you know that at the end of a Mario game, Bowser will be waiting. The fight is divided into two parts: the first part is pretty straightforward as Bowser will be guarding a bridge, shooting fire from his mouth. As in Super Mario Bros, get to the other edge of the bridge by jumping over him or ducking when he jumps to use the axe and destroy the bridge. In the second part of the battle, Bowser Jr. will aid his father. Bowser will be stomping the ground as his son will throw Bo-Bombs at you from above. To defeat them, wait for Bowser Jr. to come at you, jump on him to stun him and use his machine to hit Bowser. Do it three times and the duo will finally be defeated and Princess Peach rescued once again.

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