New Super Mario Bros U Boss Battles Guide Part 3

The Koopalings may mean business in New Super Mario Bros U, despite their over the top appearance and behavior: however with us at Gamesyndrome on your side, even the fiercest spike shelled Koopa will become history… at least for now.

  • Roy Koopa

Roy Koopa is the boss of World 6 and you’ll fight him in an open arena. He must like bullet bills since he jump around, armed with a Bullet Bill Cannon, shooting them at Mario. He can launch both regular and homing bills, however they should pose no threat to you since you can dispose of all of them with a simple jump. Despite the bullets flying around, this battle is not too hard: you’ll get a chance to attack him as soon as the fight starts. Once hit, Roy will head back into his shell and roll on the ground: not being able to jump, you can easily stay safe. Once he stops you can attack him right away, preventing all the shooting as well. Stomp on him three times and Roy will enjoy a much deserved vacation to oblivion.

  • Boss Sumo Bro

The Boss Sumo Bro is a regular Sumo Bro who received a nice growing treatment from Kamek. You’ll encounter him in World 6, Rock Candy Mines as a sub boss. He looks just like a Sumo Bro and he doesn’t fight that differently: his only attack is a body slam to the ground which can stun Mario if he is on the ground the moment the Sumo Bro hits the floor, so it’s quite easy to avoid. When you’ll meet him in Screwtop Tower, you’ll have to fight him by using noteblocks to hit the platform he’s standing on. Once the platform is hit, he’ll fall to the ground on his shell, revealing his weak point. Jump on him and do everything again for two more times to clear this boss battle.

  • Kamek

The scheming Magikoopa who is always ready to do Bowser’s bidding makes a comeback in New Super Mario Bros U: you’ll face him more than once in the Boom-Boom and Boss Sumo Bro battles as well as the final tower of World 7 Meringue Clouds. He’ll make blocks appear during battle, allowing Mario to jump on them to reach him with ease. However you must be quick to avoid his magic blasts which will destroy the blocks and make some generic enemies like goombas and koopas appear on the screen. It’s a pretty straightforward battle: jump on the blocks, stomp on his head three times and taste the victory!


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