New Super Mario Bros U Boss Battle Guide Part 2

The first three koopalings you encounter in New Super Mario Bros U were surely not too hard for you all, right? With out strategies, there’s no way they could defeat a battle hardened and prepared plumber. Let’s keep bashing some koopaling’s shells, shall we?

  • Wendy Koopa

Wendy Koopa is the boss guarding the end of World 4, Frosted Glacier. As you might have guessed by looking at her pink ribbon on her head and the pink ice skates, she’s the only female koopaling, not that it does much difference gameplay wise. As expected, the battle takes place on ice so you need to have a good grasp on how to move while on ice: she can be pretty annoying when she gets back in her shell. Her regular attacks are easy to avoid but things get trickier when Icicles start falling down. There’s a way to avoid dealing with the icicles: simply stomp on her as soon as you notice she’s about to make them fall, which is pretty evident. Three stomps on her head and her pink ribbon will be history, at least in this game.

  • Bowser Jr. First Battle

Koopaling or not? While series creator Shigeru Miyamoto changes opinion on Bowser’s son every Mario game, we know that in this battle he’s way more annoying than the koopalings fought so far since you’ll have to fight him underwater. This battle can be tricky: you’ll constantly have to move to avoid Bowser Jr and all the torpedos he launches at you. Since there’s no way to damage him by jumping on his green head, you’ll have to use his own weapons against him: you will have to lure homing torpedos into hitting him. With three hits he will be defeated but this won’t be the last we see of him in this game.


  • Iggy Koopa

Iggy Koopa is the boss guarding the final castle in World 5, Soda Jungle. This fight will require you to have pretty good reflexes and the ability to constantly keep an eye on both him and the fire hazards you’ll have to avoid. There are four pipes, two on the left and two on the right, in the room: Iggy will duck into the pipes and emerge at a random pipe. If he appears on the ground he’ll be an easy target but he appears from the higher pipes avoid is attack before stomping on his head. Since his projectile attack is easy to avoid, the only thing you’ll have to look out for is the lava beasts which will come from the lava pool below to attack Mario. Hit Iggy three times like usual and you’ll be done with him.

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