Hitman: Absolution Weapons Guide: Firearms Part 3

Let’s keep analyzing the firearms available in Hitman: Absolution. Knowing your weapons will give you a good advantage over the enemy and help you complete your missions with ease.

  • Dexter’s Ultramax

The Dexter’s Ultramax is a light machine gun holding 60 rounds. It has a decent fire rate and attack power, but low range and even lower accuracy. The best use for the Ultramax is in medium-short range. The Dexter’s Ultramax can be found in the Countdown mission, dropped by Black Dexter.

  • HX AP-15

The HX AP-15 is an assault rifle holding 30 rounds and that can be upgraded with a silencer; it sports high rate of fire, and a good mix of accuracy, damage and range. This assault rifle can be found in the Birdie’s Gift, Blackwater Park and Absolution missions.

  • HX UMP

The HX UMP is a sub machine gun holding 25 rounds and overall solid attributes, making it a good weapon choice for a variety of situations. This weapon can be found in most of the game’s missions: in The King Of Chinatown, Run For Your Life, Hunter and Haunted, Welcome To Hope, Birdie’s Gift, Shaving Lenny and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Ilyon R700

The Ilyon R700 is a sniper rifle holding 5 rounds: it’s not the best sniper rifle you can find in the game since its stats are pretty much on the low side. The Ilyon R700 can be found in the Shaving Lenny, End Of The Road and Fight Night missions.

  • Jagd P22G

The Jagd P22G is a pistol holding 10 rounds, which can also be dual wielded. It sports a really high accuracy stat, making it good in medium range as well as short. This handgun can be found in the A Personal Contract, Hunter and Haunted, Birdie’s Gift and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Kazo TRG

The Kazo TRG is a sniper rifle holding 10 rounds. It’s probably your best choice for a sniper rifle in this game, featuring overall high stats. The Kazo TRG can be found in The King Of Chinatwon, Birdie’s Gift, Blackwater Park and Absolution missions. The Kazo TRG has a customizable version called Agency Kazo TRG.

  • Krugermeier 2-2

The Krugermeier 2-2 is a silenced handgun originally available only to players who pre-ordered the game: now everyone can buy it for 0.99 $. Coming with a silencer, it’s prefect for stealth play at very short range. This weapon can’t be upgraded.

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