Hitman: Absolution Weapons Guide: Firearms Part 2

A good hitman always knows his weapons: knowledge and skills make the difference when of the edge between success and failure. And since we don’t want to see our fellow hitmen fail, we’re here to help you. The list of weapons available in Hitman: Absolution is in alphabetical order so if a weapon you’re looking for isn’t here, check the other parts of the guide.

Agency Swiss 3000

The Swiss 3000 is quite a standard handgun with nothing out of the ordinary: it’s easy to conceal but other than this, it’s pretty much your typical handgun. The Swiss 3000 can be found in the Absolution mission, carried by Jade Nguyen. It can’t be used in Contracts Missions. No upgrades available for this weapon.

AH 74U

The AH 74 U is a submachine gun, bearing many common features with Assault Rifles, with good range and fire power. However this comes with a price and the high recoil makes it an inaccurate weapon at long range. The Ah 74 U can be found in the Dexter Industries. Death Factory and Blackwater Park missions. No upgrades are available for this weapon.

Aries 24-7

The Aries 24-7, pretty much like the Swiss 3000, is quite a standard handgun: it’s easy to control with the small recoil and a good cyclic rate. It’s a good choice as a side weapon: other handguns are way better than the Aries 24-7.  This weapon can be found in the Run For Your Life and Shaving Lenny missions. No upgrades available for this weapon.

Aries Charging Ram

The Aries Charging Ram is a revolver type pistol holding 6 rounds. It’s an extremely powerful weapon, allowing you to take down any
enemy with easy. However it has a terrible recoil, making it quite hard to control. It’s best used in short range. The Aries Charging Ram can be found in the Rosewood and End Of The Road missions. No upgrades available for this weapon.

Bartoli Custom

The Bartoli Custom pistol is another DLC exclusive weapon, available for sale for 0.99$. This pistol holds 10 rounds and sports great accuracy, making it perfect for long range shooting. No upgrades are available for the Bartoli Custom weapon.

Bronson M1928

Another DLC exclusive weapon, originally available only as a preorder bonus, now available for purchase for 0.99 $. This weapon is a submachine gun holding 50 .45 rounds with a low fire rate. You probably won’t even need to fire much with this weapon since it’s deadly. The somewhat low recoil makes it even better. No upgrade available for this weapon.

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