Hitman: Absolution The King Of Chinatown Mission Challenges Guide

Time to take on all the challenges included in the second mission of Hitman: Absolution single player campaign. Just like in the first mission there will also be context sensitive challenges.


  • Chameleon

Use all disguises and complete the mission: the police officer disguise can be stolen from policemen; the market vendor disguise can be obtained by checking the back of one of the vending stalls; the dealer disguise can be obtained by killing a drug dealer on the streets of Chinatown; the last disguise, the SWAT officer disguise, requires you to start an alarm by attacking enemies and wait for the SWAT team to appear, make sure to use a secluded place to attack and steal the uniform.


  • Evidence Collector

There’s only a piece of evidence in this mission located in the place where you’ll usually see the King Of Chinatown: you can get it easily by using a disguise.


  • Infiltrator

Other than being extra careful during the mission, you’ll also have to kill the King Of Chinatown without being marked as the killer: poisoning him will do the trick.


  • Suit Only

No disguise use at all: to complete this challenges you’ll have to take out the king by shooting him from afar to avoid detection and using disguises to get close to him.


  • Kaboom

The King of Chinatown must be killed by using explosives and there’s more than a way to accomplish this: you can use his car as bait and shoot at the explosive barrels or use remote controlled explosives or even throw a tank at him. It’s not too hard.


  • A Killing View

You must kill the King with the sniper rifle: it’s actually quite easy since you’ll be able to do it from the dealer’s apartment which you can’t miss.


  • Controlled Explosion

If you completed the Kaboom challenge by using the King’s car as bait, you’ll get this one automatically


  • Man Down

To complete this challenge you’ll have to kill the King by throwing him into a hole: you can use the hole near one of the stalls at the end of the square. The King will walk up near the hole, just push him and he’ll fall down the hole.


  • Drop Dead

You must kill the King with an accident: the only way to do it is by making the suspended cargo located inside one of the alleys near the exit point fall on the King. Just shoot at the cargo when he’s passing by.


  • Two For The Price Of One

You must kill the King and a drug dealer with a single sniper rifle shot: simply aim from the shutter and wait for the king and the dealer to stand in the same line.


  • Clean Sweep

You must collect the evidence and complete the mission without being detected. Using the police officer disguise is the way to go.


  • Don’t Do Drugs

To complete this challenge you must kill the King by poisoning: you can poison the dealer-s package hidden in the containers.


  • Hot Coffee

To kill the King by poisoning the coffee get the fugu fish located in the stalls and use it on his poison mug. Disguising yourself is a necessity.


  • Let’s do launch

Use the fugu fish to poison the king’s launch on the other side of the square.


  • Master Poisoner

Complete the three poisoning challenges to complete this one


  • Quid pro quo

Complete the mission normally

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