Hitman: Absolution Skurkys Law Mission Challenges Guide

Hitmen doing their job is a great thing; hitmen doing their job and completing the challenges is even a better thing. Jokes asides, it’s time to take on the challenges of the Skurkys Law Mission in Hitman: Absolution. Disguises, evidence pieces and some creative kills await you.

  • Chameleon

Collect and use all the disguises available in the mission: the Court Security Guard disguise can be found the court house; the Court Usher is in the court house as well; the Tin Foil Hat Man and Judge can be found in the courthouse too and the Hope Police Officer one requires the usual kill and steal you are already accustomed to in the Prison.

  • Evidence Collector

There are three evidence pieces in this mission: the first one is in the court house, in the security room behind the front desk, to be precise. The second one is in Holding Cell, on the table in the room with the exit. The last evidence piece is in the dark storage room past the security gate in the Prison.

  • Infiltrator

Common business for a perfect hitman: don’t get spotted and don’t alert anyone during the whole duration of the mission.

  • Suit Only

Your suit is so good looking, why change into something else? No disguise use also means being extra careful during the whole mission.

  • Obstruction

To complete this challenge you’ll have to turn off the video in the court room. To do this you first have to wait for the video to start and then head to the second court room floor and the judge’s private chambers to turn off the video stations

  • No Collateral Damage

You must complete the mission with no casualties. As long as you don’t kill the enemies, you can still subdue them so you probably won’t have too much trouble with this one

  • Take The Fall

This one is pretty fun: use the Tin Foil Hat Man disguise and get the judge to sentence you to jail. Once you’ll be in the cell the challenge will be completed

  • Take Office

Get the judge disguise and enter the Holding Cells to complete this challenge.

  • One Man Riot

You must use the glass shiv found in the evidence room in the courtroom and use it to kill 10 Hope Police Officers without being detected. You can do a simple stealth kill or just throw it at them.

  • Judgment Day Part 1, 2 and 3

With the Judge disguise you’ll have to subdue 4 court usher and hide their bodies and kill the Tin Foil Hat Man with the gavel to conquer this set of challenges.

  • So Close Yet So Far

Congratulations! You completed the mission and cleared this challenge in the process.

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