Hitman: Absolution Shaving Lenny Mission Challenges Guide

We’re not quite done with Hope City just yet: in the Shaving Lenny mission we’ll be roaming its streets for a bit longer. And completing challenges, of course.

  • Chameleon

The Barber disguise can be found in the Barbershop, the Hope Plumber can be found on the streets by taking out a plumber and stealing his clothes; do the same for the Hope Policeman disguise and the Mechanic in the garage. Use all of them at least once and the challenge will be completed.

  • Evidence Collector

Two evidence pieces to find in this mission: one is in the car garage, on the clerk’s desk. The other is in the Barbershop, on the TV.

  • Infiltrator

You know what you must do: no spotting allowed.

  • Suit Only

No disguises allowed to complete this challenge.

  • Oil is Thicker Than Blood

To complete this challenges you’ll have to kill the target in front of the scrapyard by pushing him into the vat of oil.

  • Get the mechanic

Kill the target in te previous challenge by crushing him inder a car. The mechanic disguise is a must for this challenge: kill all the other NPC in the area before attempting this.

  • Kill Me, I’m the Cook

Simply kill a target by pushing him into a stove. There are many places inside this mission where this can be easily accomplished.

  • Pump It Up

You must perform an accidental kill with a gas pump in the mechanic shop: sabotage the pump and wait for someone to get close to it. Shoot the gasoline and explosions will be set, killing anyone in the vicinity.

  • Shocking

Sabotage the power cable near the scarp yard gate and pull the switch as a target approaches: you’ll trigger an accidental kill and complete the challenge

  • Gotta Go

In the Barbershop you must perform an accidental kill with electricity: use a wench to loosen the wire and give power to the fusebox when a target is urinating in the bathroom.

  • Well Done

In the Barbershop, swap the yellow bottle with the red bottle to trigger an accidental fire kill. Try to do this challenge before the previous one to avoid killing Mason, who’s needed for this challenge.

  • Shave and a Haircut

Pacify Lenny while wearing the Barber disguise.

  • Accidents Happen

Complete the Mechanic, Kill Me I’m the Cook, Pump It Up, Shocking, Gotta Go, Well Done challenges.

  • Safely Distance Part 1, 2 and 3

You must kill Tyler, Landon and Gavin from a distance with a sniper rifle.

  • The Weakest Link

Congratulations, you have completed the mission and unlocked this challenge!

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