Hitman: Absolution Score Guide

Earning points in Hitman: Absolution is an evaluation on how good of an assassin you are. Other than simple bragging rights, scoring also determines if you’ll be able to unlock a special assassin technique after completing the mission. Every positive action will give you points, with a multiplier bonus if you complete a set of challenges included in each mission. There’s a trick in short stages to improve your score: complete a challenge and then choose to restart from the checkpoint, you’ll earn more points with the challenge marked as completed. By doing this every time you complete a challenge, you’ll earn the maximum points available: please note that if you bring a disguise into the mission, the “Suit Only” challenge will be automatically considered lost, so be careful in choosing your equipment before attempting this strategy.

All these actions will earn you points:


  • Complete Objectives

Needless to explain, the more present in the mission, the more the points


  • Targets Neutralized

The more enemies you neutralize, the more the points: try coupling all take downs with the bonuses given by completed objectives


  • Evidence Collected

If you’re discovered by the enemy this is the only way to nullify the penalty


  • Hidden Bodies

You want to hide all the dead bodies to avoid detection and the penalties that come with it


  • Stealth Kill

You’ll receive some good points for every stealth kill performed


  • Signature Kill

Killing enemies with the wire or other challenge-related kills


  • Headshot

Headshots will earn you more points than regular kills: you can perform them with fire weapons but also with knives and other throwable items


Negative Actions

During the mission you’ll also have to be extra careful if you want to earn the best score possible: some actions will bring you a penalty, making your overall performance in the mission worse. Being discovered will worsen your score and even nullify the evidence collected bonus; taking down a non-target hostile will also penalize you but you can nullify the penalty by simply hiding the body from the other enemies. Whatever you do, don’t kill non hostile characters: taking down a civilian will make you earn an unremovable penalty, making you restart the whole mission if you’re aiming for the best score possible.

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