Hitman: Absolution Run For Your Life Mission Challenges Guide

Run for your life is the fourth mission in Hitman: Absolution and just like the others before it, it comes with its own share of challenges.


  • Chameleon

There are two disguises available in this mission: the Chicago SWAT officer disguise can be found in the Train station and must be obtained by surprising a SWAT officer in the area; the police officer disguise can be obtained by simply getting rid of any police officer.


  • Evidence Collector

There are three evidence pieces in this mission: the first one is in the library, near a place where a group of cops stays. The second one is near the exit from a room in Shangri-La, close to a cop and two junkies. The last evidence piece is in the train station, in the residential building lobby.


  • Infiltrator

No detection is allowed for this challenge: you’ll probably need to use the disguises for the library and station locations since it’s easy to be spotted here.


  • Suit Only

Just like the previous challenge, you’re going to have a hard time in the library and the station. To make things easier you can also play the mission on lower difficulties.


  • Picking on the New Guy

This must be done in the library: take an hostage inside and get out while using him as a human shield. Once you grab a cop just move along a wall so that you can’t be surprised from behind.


  • Death From Above

You must use a chandelier to kill an enemy: you can do it in the library by shooting the chain holding the chandelier and making it fall on a cop.


  • Fields Of Joy

You must cross the marijuana field without being detected: keep crouching and watch the cops carefully, keeping distance


  • Bong Hits

You have to kill three enemies using the bong and every time you’ll have to get the bong: one of them is located in the kitchen near the marijuana field, another is inside the room with a couple junkies and the last one is in the room to the left of the elevator.


  • Business is Booming

In the Shangri-La segment, you must lure policemen into the building with the safe, occupied by junkies. The challenge is completed when all of the are inside.


  • In Stereo

You must use the tape players to lure the policemen inside the room with the safe. Activate it and wait until all of them get inside the room.


  • Silence Please Part 1 and 2

To complete these two challenges you have to stun and hide 8 total cops inside the library: use the crates to your advantage.


  • The Tables Have Turned

Simply complete the mission to clear this challenge


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