Hitman: Absolution Rosewood Mission Challenges Guide

In this guide we’ll cover all challenges included into the Rosewood mission in Hitman: Absolution. Being a shorter mission there are actually less challenges than usual. Be careful that one challenge will be slighlty different depending on the difficulty level you’re playing at.

  • Chameleon

Like always you need to collect and use the two available disguises in this mission: the Henchman disguise can be easily gotten by disposing one of them; for the Rosewood Security Guard you’ll need to do the same.

  • Evidence Collector:

There are two total evidence pieces in this mission: the first one is on a desk in the Orphanage near the elevators, a disguise will be required to reach this point. The second evidence is in the Central Heating, on some containers in the hallway.

  • Infiltrator

No detection allowed at all to conquer this challenge: masterful use of disguises will obviously help a lot.

  • Suit Only

Like always, you must not use any disguise at all during the mission. Get ready for a lot of killing since during some parts of the mission it’ll be impossible to avoid confrontation.

  • Good Samaritan

To complete this challenge you must save the imprisoned guard by taking out all his torturers.

  • Out of Fuse

To complete this challenge you’ll have to find all the four fuses scattered all over the mission without being spotted. The fuses locations actually change depending if you’re playing the game in easy-normal mode or hard,expert and puritst modes. If you’re on easy you’ll find them in the first floor storeroom, in the infirmary, in the supervisor room and in the chemistry lab. If you’re on hard or above you can find the fuses in the area in front of the elevator maintenance door, in the infirmary, in the nursery and in the medicine room, close to a group of enemies.

  • Playing with Balls

To complete this challenge you must hide enemy bodies in the first floor ball pen in the nursery, in the orphanage,

  • Face Off

To complete this one you must kill Wade without being spotted. A kill from afar will do the trick most of the times.

Subtle Injection Part 1,2 and 3

To complete this set of challenges you must kill 12 enemies total by using the syringe as a throwable weapon. You can find the syringe in the infirmary or the medicine room.

  • The Mercenary

Simply complete the whole mission and this challenge will be automatically be cleared.


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