Hitman: Absolution “A Personal Contract” Mission Challenges Guide

Like we explained in our Score guide for Hitman: Absolution, completing challenges during main story missions will help you get a better score and improve the chance of learning a special Assassin Technique. A Personal Contract is the first mission of the game and you’ll start getting a taste of what must be accomplished in order to complete all challenges


  • Chameleon

To complete this challenge you must use all four disguises available in the first mission: the Gardner Disguise is available in the Greenhouse stage, the mansion exterior guard disguise can be obtained by stunning or killing a guard and steal the uniform from the victim, the mansion interior disguise can be found in the head of the security room during the Cliff stage and the chef disguise can be stolen from one of the cooks in the mansion.


  • Evidence Collector

To complete this challenge you’ll have to find two evidences hidden in the mission: the first one is in the security room, during the Cliff stage; the second one is in the mansion, on a small table located in the mansion’s ground floor.


  • Infiltrator

As you can easily guess, you must complete the whole mission without being detected. Using disguises will make your life much easier even though it’s not hard being undetected for all five stages of the mission


  • Suit Only

Things now get trickier: no disguise use is required to conquer this challenge. The hardest stage will probably be the Greenhouse: show the enemies no mercy to avoid detection. Also be careful when inside the mansion


  • Modern Art

This one is a situational challenge: you’ll have to use a sculpture located in the gardens to kill guards. To do this you’ll have to make it crumble by shooting at the lower parts of the sculpture. The sculpture is quite hard to miss so just wait for some guards to pass and let them feel the weight of modern arts!


  • Geronimo

To accomplish this objective, simply throw an enemy out of a window: the best time to do this is during the Cliff stage, where a guard is talking on his phone. Before he’s done with the call grab him and throw him out the nearest window


  • Extra Spice

Everyone loves messing around with food, and Agent 47 is human just like us: complete this objective by pouring some sleeping pills into the fish in the kitchen. You can get the pills in the mansion’s bathroom; you’ll know you’ve done everything right if the cook falls asleep after tasting the food.


  • Damn Good Coffee

Pretty much like the previous objective: pour the sleeping pills in a coffee mug located in the bar. Once the security head falls asleep you’ll know that you did everything the right way.


  • Play It Again

Another situational challenge: use the piano in the mansion to kill a guard. It’s actually pretty easy: just wait for a guard to come close, remove the piano’s pipe and the guard will be dead. Use the chef’s disguise to avoid problems


  • The Price Of Treason

Nothing to explain here: complete the first mission and the challenge will be automatically be completed.

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