Hitman: Absolution Operation Sledgehammer Mission Challenges Guide

Hitmen, are you still here with us? We’re slowly reaching the last missions of Hitman: Absolution: bear with us as we tackle the challenges in these last missions. Today, we’re going to cover all the challenges included in the Operation Sledgehammer mission. Disguises, evidences and more, we got all of them covered.

  • Chameleon

There are 3 disguises available in the mission: the Hope Police officer can be found by taking out a police officer and stealing his clothes. You need to do the same for the Agency Grunt and Agency Heavy Trooper disguises: sneak, kill and steal. Use all of them during the mission and the challenge will be cleared.

  • Evidence Collector

There are 4 evidence pieces to collect in this mission: the first one is in the room where the Silverballers are held as evidence, on the desk near the monitor. The second evidence in near a van with the container in fronti of the jail, close to the blockade. The third evidence is the room with the Agency Heavy Troopers in Burn. The last evidence is at the Agency HQ, near the brewery. If the brewery has been destroyed, the evidence will be hidden in the rubble.

  • Infiltrator

You know the drill: no detection allowed in any sequence of the mission

  • Suit Only

Disguises are nice, but not as your suit, if you want to clear this challenge. No disguise use allowed, extra care in moving required, especially when facing the Heavy Troopers on harder difficulties.

  • Vigilante

To complete this challenge take out as many policemen as you can with subduals. I don’t remember the exact number, but keep doing it and the challenge will be completed sooner that you think.

  • Misty eyes

To complete this challenge, you must kill 11 enemies in haze and avoid being spotted, of course.

  • Heavy Armor

Use an Agency Heavy Trooper as a Human Shield and kill three enemies. After the third enemy is down, the challenge will be cleared

  • Surgical Precision Part 1,2 and 3

To complete these 3 challenges, you must kill a total of 15 enemies without rising an alert. To do so, you require precise headshots. Point shooting will be a great help to conquer these objectives.

  • A Cleansing Fire

Congratulations! You have completed the mission and cleared this challenge as well!

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