Hitman: Absolution Hunter And Haunted Mission Challenges Guide

In this guide we’ll cover all the challenges available in the mission called Hunter and Haunted in Hitman: Absolution. Prepare to do some of the same things you did in the previous missions and some mission specific objectives as well.


  • Chameleon

As usual you’ll have to gather and use all the disguises obtainable in this mission: the Strip Club Bouncer disguise can be found in the Vixen Club, the Store Clerk disguise is in the convenience store, the Chicago Police Officer disguise can be easily found by taking down a policeman and the Chipmunk Costume is in the last part of the mission, Chinese New Year.


  • Evidence Collector

You must collect 6 evidence pieces in this mission: the first one is in the courtyard, on the hood of a police car; the second is in the Vixen club, inside an office; the third one is in the Derelict Building, where Agent 47 will land after dumping Amanda’s body; the fourth is the convenience store, on the counter; the fifth evidence piece is in the Loading Area, near the monitor; the last evidence piece is in Chinese New Year, where the cargo crashes down when completing the X Marks the Spot challenge.


  • Infiltrator

You can’t be spotted at any time while completing the mission.


  • Suit only

As usual, you can’t use any disguise to complete the mission: being extra careful is a must.


  • Private Dance

You must kill your target, hide the body and escape undetected: the best moment to do the killing is after the lap dance is over with a silenced weapon.


  • Dominated

Just like the previous challenge but instead of killing you’ll have to garrote your target: doing it in the bathroom is the easiest way.


  • Schadenfreude

The target must be killed by making the disco ball crush him: to do so you need to use the switch past the locked door in the club where there’s another party going on.


  • Fire Sale

Easy one: start the fireworks in the convenience store.


  • Two Right make a Right

Saving the street vendor before the target kills him is the way to go to get the challenge completed.


  • Moment of Bliss

This one is kinda funny and cruel at the same time: kill your target by electrocuting him in the bathroom. Connect the wires and activate the switch while he’s doing his thing.


  • Fire Him

To complete this challenge you must sabotage the fuel pump in the fireworks area. Once the target dies due to the fire, the challenge will be done.


  • X Marks the Spot

Kill an urinating henchmen by making a cargo crate fall over him: it’s in the area where the street vendor may get killed by your target.


  • Lieutenant Bad

To complete this challenge you must make a cop kill your target in your place: to do so you must steal Birdie’s file. The cop will kill your target and Agent 47’s hand will be clean for once.


  • Cleaning Up In Chinatown

You’ll get this by completing the Lieutenant Bad, Fire Him, X Marks the Spot and Moment of Bliss challenges.


  • Swordplay Part 1, 2 and 3

To complete this set of challenges you’ll have to kill all Wade’s henchmen using the katana while wearng the Chipmunk disguise. The katana is near the vendor who gets killed by your target.


  • Damage Control

Congratulations, you completed the mission and got this challenge done automatically!


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