Hitman: Absolution Fight Night Mission Challenges Guide

We’re not quite done with all the challenges for Hitman: Absolution. In this guide we’ll cover the Fight Night mission: expect to collect disguises, make it out alive without being spotted and some mission specific challenges.

  • Chameleon

The available disguises in this mission are the Factory Guard disguise, the Patriot Disguise and the Patriot’s Entourage disguise. The Patriot disguise can be found inside the Patriot’s Hangar, the Patriot’s Entourage disguise can be easily obtained by taking a member of the entourage out and steal the disguise.

  • Evidence Collector

There are two evidence pieces to collect during this mission: the first one is the Patriot’s Hangar, on some boxes near a remote explosive. The second one is in the Patriot’s Entourage VIP box, on the second floor of the hangar: it’s near the beer keg.

  • Infiltrator

Complete the mission without being detected at any time

  • Suit Only

Complete the mission without using any disguise. Being extra careful is the key, as always. Using the checkpoint trick will help too.

  • Lost And Found

To complete this challenge you’ll have to find the keycard: it’s near to the evidence in the hangar, close to a little maze of boxes. Get the card and the challenge will be completed.

  • A Real Patriot

If you already attempted the Chameleon challenge, this challenge has been probably already completed: take the Patriot’s disguise, hide his body and enter the arena without being detected.

  • Blood Sport

Easy one: use the Patriot disguise and simply fight Sanchez. As soon as the fight begins, the challenge will be completed.

  • Untouchable

Fight Sanchez with the Patriot disguise on without missing a single quick time event. Practice will make you perfect, if you fail the first time around.

  • Light Rig

Kill your target by lowering the light rig from the third floor into the arena floor.

  • Wing Man

You must kill your target using a sniper rifle, remaining undetected in the process. The shot must kill your target only to complete this challenge.

  • My enemy

Kill your target with an explosive: you can find remote controlled explosives close to the first evidence, in the hangar.

  • Technical Knockout

Complete the Light Rig, Wing Man, and My Enemy challenges.

  • How the Mighty Fell

Congratulations! You completed the mission and this challenge together.


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