Hitman: Absolution Dexter Industries Mission Challenges Guide

Back into work, or into the killing. Being a hitman in Hitman: Absolution is not an easy job but we’re here to help you as usual. Today we’ll tackle the Challenges included into the Dexter Industries mission.

  • Chameleon

Like always, you’ll have to get and use the four disguises available in the mission: Arms Dealer, Factory Guard, Truck Driver and Chipmunk Costume. The Arms Dealer can be taken from an enemy in the Dead End section, the Factory Guard disguise can be taken from a guard patrolling the factory, the Truck Driver disguise can be found in the factory compound and the Chimpmunk costume is in the factory compound.

  • Evidence Collector

You must collect 4 evidence pieces this time: number one in the last building in the Dead End part, near the communication device. The second one is in the old mill, near the gaming console. The third one is in the Descent part, where two guards are talking about the mines. The last one is in the compound, on the information desk.


I think you should already know what this means. No spotting allowed to complete this challenge

  • Suit Only

You know what this means too by now. No disguises. Be a true hitman and move on being extra careful.

  • Sore Loser

You’ll have to do something any gamer would hate doing: kill the guards playing with the console and destroy the console as well by shooting it, it’s under the tv.

  • Cliffhanger

To conquer this challenge, you’ll have to throw a guard from a window in the factory or just push them off a cliff

  • New Toys

A satisfying challenge: use a proximity mine to take out 5 enemies. You can kill 5 at once or just take them out one by one.

  • Seal the Deal

If you’re attempting the Infiltrator challenge you’ll get this one without even trying: you’ll need to enter the lobby without being detected.

  • Packing Heat

You’ll have to gain access to the Storage Rooms in both the Dead End and Factory Compound sections: you’ll need two keycards to access them. The key to enter the compound’s room is in the Dead End section and viceversa.

  • Under the Bridge part 1,2 and 3

You’ll have to snipe 6 enemies total on the bridge with no suspicion or alarm with the Kazo TRG.

  • Infiltration

Congratulations! You completed the mission and unlocked this challenge as well!

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