Hitman: Absolution Death Factory Mission Challenges Guide

How does a trip to Death Factory sound? If you’re playing Hitman: Absolution you’ll have to undertake this mission and complete all the challenges included, if you think of yourself as the perfect hitman.

  • Chameleon

There are three disguises available in this mission: the factory guard, the researcher and the scientist. All three of them are obtained in the usual way: locate your target, take them out and steal their clothes

  • Evidence Collector

There are three evidence pieces to collect in this mission: the first one is in the test facility, in the room where Dr. Green starts up the landmine. You’ll find the evidence close to the medical cabinet. The second evidence piece is in the Decontamination section, on the table close to the Tv where guards are watching a fight. The last evdence piece is in the very bottom of the silo, near the medical carts.

  • Infiltrator

You don’t need me to tell how to do this, do you? Not being detected is the way to go.

  • Suity Only

No disguise use. As usual be extra careful when doing this challenge.

  • Good Test Results

Kill Dr. Green by activating the minefiled before he goes down into the area.

  • The Abyss Gazes Back

Kill Dr.Green by destroying the foor of the main test chamber. The best way to do this is by using the remote controlled mines, located inside a locked room in the test facility; you can also use three shots from the silver baller to destroy the floor.

  • The Common Good

Use a sensor disabler to sabotage the mine Dr.Green is examining.

  • Scientific Thoroughness

Clear the three previous challenges to clear this one as well.

  • Happy Birthday

You will have to kill all guards and leave Carl alive: to do this hide inside the cake by taking out the stripper. Once inside kill everyone except for our scientist. By doing this challenge you’ll fail the Infiltrator one, obviously.

  • In the Right Space

In the Silo, reach the Test Chamber and kill the scientist working on the panel.

  • The Shock Doctrine

Shock and kill Dr. Valentine in the Silo. You can do that in the shock test lab: the panel to control the shocking devices is near the firing areas.

  • Eureka

In the R&D you’ll have to switch the fuel for hair restorer: use the fuel located in the chemical lab and switch it. As soon as the scientist sets himself on fire, the challenge will be completed.

  • Doctor in the House

Clear the In the Right Space, Shock Doctrine, Eureka challenges.

  • Strap Him In

Kill Dr. Ashford in the solitary examination room, under the stars leading to the bottom of the silo. When he’s sitting down, use the control panel to kill him.

  • Unseen

Kill Dr. Ashford when the steam from the silo is blocking the view. Kill him and then hide his body from view.

  • Experimenting

Complete the two Dr. Ashford related challenges to complete this one.

  • Research and Hidings

You must pacify seven researchers and hide their bodies in closets. The hardest thing is that you can’t use the checkpoint trick, so all seven must be done without being detected. The easiest way is to use the syringe to knock the scientists out.

  • Reap What You Sow Part 1 and 2

Dump a total of six scientists bodies into the swill in the back of the test chamber. You must also remain undetected.

  • Ground Zero

Congratulations! You completed the mission and this challenge as well.


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