Hitman: Absolution Countdown Mission Challenges Guide

We’re now nearing the end of Hitman: Absolution with the Countdown mission: this mission will put your skills to the test since you’ll only have 4 minutes to complete it. Fail and you’ll have to do everything again from the beginning. Obtaining the evidence piece in this mission can be tricky with the time limit but you can speed everything up if you know the mission location well.

  • Chameleon

The only available disguise in the mission is the Blackwater Tactical Team member disguise: it’s the only type of enemy available, you can’t miss this disguise

  • Evidence Collector

Collect the only evidence piece available in this mission: it’s located on the locked room. First find the keycard in the storeroom past the mine field. The locked door is in the rooftop.

  • Infiltrator

Complete the mission without being spotted at any time

  • Suit Only

Complete the mission without using the only disguise available in the mission.

  • All Roads Lead To Dexter

Use all the three paths to reach Dexter: the mine field, the air vent and the storeroom door. For the last one, you may be needing to blend with the guards.

  • Stay On Target

You’ll have to complete the mission in less than 3 minutes. For the challenge to be completed you’ll have to have more than 1 minute left on the timer.

  • Hazardous

Kill two enemies with a single accident. You need to use the suspended cargo to complete this challenge: however it may be difficult to do it at the beginning of the mission, since you won’t have any item to aid you in this objective. Get back the items from the storeroom and then use the checkpoint trick to save some time.

  • Axed

Use the fire axe to stealth kill five enemies. The fire axe can be found behind the locked door, where the evidence piece is located.

  • It’s Personal

Kill the target by strangling him. The best way to do so is by using the path to the back of the minefield, so to get behind Dexter without alerting anyone.

  • Take Em Down Part 1, 2 and 3

To complete this set of challenges you’ll have to kill 3 enemies with headshots, dump 6 bodies off a ledge and kill 10 enemies without being seen.

  • Face to Face

Congratulations! You completed this hard mission and complete this challenge at the same time.

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