Hitman: Absolution Blackwater Park Mission Challenges Guide

Since the mission One Of A Kind in Hitman: Absolution is a short, cinematic mission, there won’t be any challenge to complete, just a few items and disguises. The next mission, Blackwater Park comes with quite a few challenges to compensate the lack of them in the previous mission.


  • Chameleon

A lot of disguises to collect and use this time: the Blackwater bodyguard disguise can be taken from the penthouse enemy, the male ones. The Blackwater Custodian is got by taking it from the janitors. the Plumber disguise requires you to take out the plumber on the ground floor; the Samurai armor can be easily obtained inside the penthouse. The other disguises, the Blackwater receptionist, manager, interior, exterior guard and tactical team member can be obtained as usual, by taking one of them out and stealing their clothes.


  • Evidence Collector

There are two evidence piece to collect in this mission: the first one is in the Blackwater Park grounds, in the security office close to the flooded garage. The second one is in one of the corners of the room with the skeleton, on a sofa.


  • Infiltrator

You know what you must do: no one must spot you at all.


  • Suit Only

No disguise use allowed.


  • Crash Course

You must find the movie reel and start the movie on the projector: you can find the reels in the rooms next to the projector room.


  • Laundry Day

To clear this challenge you’ll have to hide bodies in the laundry chute. Keep doing it until the challenge is clear


  • Horn of Plenty

Complete Savage Sushi, Straight to the Heart, Bones, Fired Up, Mockingbird, Skin Trade challenges.


  • You can manage

Use the manager disguise to meet the security manager and enter the penthouse through the elevator.


  • I got my eyes on you

Use the manager’s eyes to pass the retinal scan lock and use the lift


  • Hack n Backslash

Use the lift by overridden the retinal scanner check: you can do it in the security office on the first floor


  • Mile High Club

Clear the You Can Manage, I Got My Eyes On You, Hack n Backslash challenges.


  • Whaling

Use the harpoon to kill all the enemies in the penthouse


  • Cetacea

Use the whale skeleton to crush 5 enemies: the switch to make the skeleton fall in on the upper floor of the same room.


  • Hallelujah

Push enemies off the edge of a building. Do it five times and the challenge will be complete


  • Savage Sushi

Kill your target by poisoning the sushi on the tray in the dining room. The poison is in the room with the laser protected weapons


  • Bones

Kill your target with the whale skeleton


  • Straight to the Heart

Kill you target by using the harpoon against her


  • Fired Up

Kill your target by incinerating her: use the gasoline from the stove found outside Lenny’s room. Throw it on the fireplace and watch the flames do the killing


  • Mockingbird

Use the Kazo TRG to snipe and kill your target: the sniper rifle in in Lenny’s room


  • Skin Trade

Kill Layla after she’s entered the panic room, right after the cutscene after she’s inside the room


  • Blue Collar

Kill the target while wearing the plumber disguise and complete the mission without being spotted


  • Ronin Part 1,2 and 3

To complete this set of challenges you must kill 8 enemies and Layla with the Katana. You can use it while wearing the Samurai disguise.


  • Hit him where it hurts

Congratulations! You have completed the mission and this challenge at the same time.

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