Hitman: Absolution Birdies Gift Mission Challenges Guide

After the introduction mission Welcome to Hope, it’s time to delve deeper into the city with the Birdies Gift mission in Hitman: Absolution, completing some challenges in the process. Let’s go!

  • Chameleon

This time the chameleon challenge is pretty much hassle free: you only need to collect and use the Hope policeman disguise, which can be obtained through the usual methods.

  • Evidence Collector

There’s only a single evidence piece to collect in this mission: you’ll find it in the secret survival bunker located in the gun range.

  • Infiltrator

You know how it is: complete the mission without being spotted. Use the disguise to your advantage and you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

  • Suit Only

You must know what this means by now: no disguise use. It shouldn’t be too hard, remember to be extra careful and avoid detection any way you can.

  • Depends on the Girl

During the mission you’ll have to take part in a shooting contest. To clear this challenge you’ll simply have to lose the contest on purpose. Easy, huh?

  • Bullseye

Things now start getting interesting: during the shooting contest you’ll have to win the contest by scoring more than 471 points. You’ll probably have to try more than once, it requires quite a lot of patience to clear.

  • Assassin’s Signature

If you had a hard time with the previous one, this one is gonna be a nightmare for you: you’ll have to win the shooting challenge by scoring 471 points by only using your Silverballers.

  • Ultramax

This one is similar to the previous challenge, only that you’ll have to score 471 points by using the Ultramax weapon.

  • It wouldn’t Be Stealing

To clear this mission you must not enter the shooting contest: just take the silverballers and clear the mission.

  • Shivers Me Timbers

There’s a cannon on the gun range: shoot the fuse to make the cannon shoot and complete this challenge.

  • Duck Hunting

You’ll probably get this without even trying: you just have to shoot 10 duck targets in the indoor gun range. Another easy one.

  • Up Your Arsenal Part 1,2 And 3

To complete these challenges, you’ll have to use all the weapons available in the mission to complete the shooting challenges. Just use all of them and you’ll be done.

  • Choosing Weapons

Congratulations! You completed the mission and got this challenge completed at the same time!

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