Hitman: Absolution Attack Of The Saints Mission Challenges Guide

Let’s move on with the challenges included in the Attack Of The Saints mission in Hitman: Absolution. Get ready to do the usual business of collecting disguises, evidences, avoid getting spotted and some more mission specific objectives. Here we go!

  • Chameleon

The disguises available in this mission are the Scarecrow, Agency Soldier and Agent 47’s Suit. The Scarecrow disguise can be found in the cornfield, the Agency soldier disguise can be easily gotten in the usual way by taking out a soldier and steal his clothes. Agent 47’s suit can be found in the Parking. Use all of the disguises to complete this challenge.

  • Evidence Collector

There are three evidence pieces to collect in this mission: the first one is in the parking lot, close to the blue SUV. The second one is in the reception, on the containers close to the gasoline pumps. The last one is in the cornfield, near the camper on some agency container.

  • Infiltrator

Like always, you’ll have to complete the mission without being spotted by anyone to complete this challenge.

  • Suit Only

Complete the mission without using any disguise. Being extra careful will make you go a long and safe way.

  • Intervene

To complete this challenge you’ll have to save the two civilians in the Parking Lot and Reception by killing their captors.

  • Black Widower

Kill the target by poisoning the coffee with rat poison. You can find the poison on the first floor of the motel. The coffee to poison in the bar on the mini-golf course.

  • Electro Cute

Kill your target by electrocuting him in the cornfield. Re-wire the power cable and turn on the generator at the right time.

  • Skirt Chaser

Complete the Black Widower and Electro Cute challenges to complete this one as well.

  • Scarecrow

Kill 10 enemies while wearing the Scarecrow disguise without being spotted.

  • Angel Of Death part 1, 2 and 3

To complete these challenges you must kill two targets with a single accidental kill, kill all targets without being spotted and hiding the bodies and kill all targets in the mission respectively. For the last part of the mission you can be spotted while doing the kills without suffering any penalty.

  • A Calm Before The Storm

Congratulations! You completed the mission and this challenge as well!

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