Hitman: Absolution Assassin Techniques Guide

Hitman: Absolution Assassin Techniques Guide

Earning a target score in every chapter’s stage in Hitman: Absolution will unlock a special Assassin Technique. These techniques gran various bonuses like improved healing rates and recovery time, reduced recoil and improvements in handling specific weapons. The abilities are divided into 3 levels for a total of 30 techniques: don’t worry about missing some of them, there are more than thirty stages and you’ll have plenty of occassions to learn all of them. To gain the best points per mission you’ll have to complete all objects during the mission themselves: in doing so every action you’ll undertake during the mission will net you way more points. Also, to learn all these abilities as soon as you can, you have to avoid doing any negative action which will ultimately impact your overall score.  So you can simply decide to rush through the missions or just take your time and do everything like a real hitman would do.


  • Level 1
  1. Weapon Handling – Reduced recoil from firing
  2. Chameleon – Hiding in plain sight recovers instinct
  3. Instinctive Shot – Tagging in point-shoot consumes less instinct
  4. Pain Suppression – Recovery time is improved
  5. Dual Wielding Expertise – Improved accuracy while dual wielding
  6. Pure Instinct – Improved instinct recovery from using actions and items
  7. Hand to hand – Better close quarter combat reaction time
  8. Controlled Breathing – Improves stability with a sniper rifle
  9. Iron Man – Improves sprinting
  10. Throwing – Improves throwing range for small objects


  • Level 2


  1. Weapon Handling 2 – Improved reload time
  2. Chameleon 2 – Blending instinct cost is reduced
  3. Instinctive Shot 2 – Tagging in point-shoot consumes less instinct consumes even less instinct
  4. Pain Suppression 2 – Improved damage endurance
  5. Dual Wielding Expertise 2 – Increased fire rate while dual wielding
  6. Pure Instinct 2 – Maximum instinct increased
  7. Hand to Hand 2 – Shorter subdue time
  8. Controlled Breathing 2 – Longer steady aiming time
  9. Iron Man 2 – Improved sprinting
  10. Throwing 2 – Increased throwing range for heavy objects


  • Level 3


  1. Weapon Handling 3 – Improved reload time and reduced recoil from firing
  2. Chameleon 3 – Instinct recovers more while hiding in plain sight and blending costs less instinct
  3. Instinctive Shot 3 – Tagging in point shoot consumes less instinct
  4. Pain Suppression 3 – Increases maximum life and reduces sustained damage
  5. Dual Wielding Expertise 3 – Increased aiming and fire rate while dual wielding
  6. Pure Instinct 3 – Improved instinct recovery
  7. Hand to Hand 3 – Improves subdue times and close quarter combat reaction times
  8. Controlled Breathing 3 – Increased stability while aiming with the sniper rifle
  9. Iron Man 3 – Improved sprinting
  10. Throwing 3 – Increased throwing range for all objects


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