Hitman: Absolution – Absolution Mission Challenges Guide

And finally here we are: Hitman Absolution final mission. It’s been a fun ride so far and these will be the last challenges left to complete: as usual you’ll have to find disguises, evidence pieces and complete some objectives specific to the Absolution final mission.

  • Chameleon

There are three disguises available to collect: Agency Grunt, Agency technician and Agency Heavy Trooper. The grunt disguise can be found by stealing it from the enemies in black and yellow. The Heavy Trooper disguise is obtained in the same way from the enemies in the black armor. To get the Agency technician disguise you’ll have to take down the man in blue suit and get his clothes.

  • Evidence Collector

There are three evidence pieces to collect in this mission: the first one is near the crossroads in the Cemetery entrance. The second evidence is in the Burnwood Family Tomb: it’s on a container where some explosives are located. The final one is in the Crematorium, on a container near the stairs leading to the timed explosive, it’s really hard to miss since this weapon is required to complete the mission

  • Infiltrator

You must know by now what this challenge is about: no spotting allowed at any time.

  • Suit Only

Complete the mission without using any disguise at any time.

  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Get the technician disguise and kill and hide the target’s body without being spotted

  • Heart Of Stone

Kill the target with a specific accidental kill by making the coffin fall from the crane

  • Crossed Out

Kill the target by closing the cemetery tunnel with an explosion

  • Numb

Complete the Heart of Stone and Crossed Out challenges to complete this one as well.

  • Arm’s Length Principle

Kill a pretorian by using explosives: a proximity mine or remote controlled explosive will do the trick

  • Predator

Garrote three predators without being spotted

  • The Higher Ground Part 1,2 and 3

To complete this set of challenges you’ll have to kill 15 total enemies with a headshot using the sniper rifle. You must remain undetected after all the kills

  • It Ain’t Over Until

Congratulation! You completed the mission, cleared this challenge and the main story campaign of Hitman: Absolution! You’ll also unlock a Trophy/ Achievement for clearing the game.


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