Himan: Absolution Terminus Mission Challenges Guide

New mission, new challenges: time to take on the ones present in the Terminus mission in Hitman:Absolution. Like usual, you’ll find some standard challenges and some mission specific ones.


  • Chameleon

Just like in the previous missions you’ll have to collect and use all disguises available in the mission: the electrician disguise is available in the Terminus Hotel, just surprise one of the electricians roaming into the hotel’s basement or the one located in the alleys in front of the hotel; the janitor disguise is located in the Hotel, just take down one of the janitors; the Hope goon disguise can be obtained by simply taking it from one of the goons who roam the area, you’ll have plenty of chances to obtain it.


  • Evidence Collector

There are two evidence pieces in the Terminus mission: the first one is on the table inside the hotel manager room; the second one is in the Upper floors stage, on the eight floor in the room next to room 899.


  • Infiltrator

This one won’t be too hard, just be extra careful and use disguises.


  • Suit Only

This can be really hard since you’re going to have some trouble getting into the lift and on the eight floor. My advice is just to force your way through the lift, there’s no way you can make it to the 899 room undetected.


  • Housekeeping

To complete this challenge you’ll have to kill 10 enemies without being detected. It can be quite hard at times so you need to be extra careful: you can choose between a kill or even stunning, it’s still gonna be counted.


  • Don’t Disturb

No kills whatsoever: this won’t be too hard if you go full stealth.


  • An Evening in Paradise

To complete this mission you’ll have to find a movie reel and put it inside the projector. There are two reels in the hotel: the first one is inside a storeroom on the seventh floor, the other is in the banquet hall on the eight floor. The projector is in a small room on the eight floor with two enemies guarding it: approach the projector and activate it to be finally done.


  • Inside Path

You’ll have to get inside room 899 in a different way that you usually would: get to eight floor by walking on a ledge close to the locked door. After this you’ll have to walk over the beams connecting the two opened shutters.


  • The Electrician Part 1 and 2

To complete these two challenges you’ll have to kill one and ten enemies respectively with a screwdriver.


  • The Man From South Dakota

You’ll complete this by simply clearing the mission.

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