Halo 4 Walkthrough Guide- Part 7: Composer

Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

Upon starting this level, search the ammo case for a Hologram. This works perfectly in the tight quarters of the space station, plus it distracts enemies. When you encounter enemies, pick them off  until you run out of ammo. Switch to a Carbine or another long range gun. Two Elites can be found here, one inside the building and one on the other side. Discharge the Plasma Pistol on each to lower their shields and then finish them with the Magnum.

Head in the hallway leading to the room with the trapped scientists. This room holds ample Battle Rifle ammo on both floors, as well. The Sticky Detonator is great for planting in the groups of Covenant dropped by the Phantoms. In the hangar, three waves arrive in short bursts, including snipers that inhabit the upper level to the left, and the farthest point on the right, where the switch sits that can end the Phantom onslaught.

There is a turret out in the bay, but it’s better to stay in cover with the scientists and snipe. From here you can take out nearly every enemy, but the Elites will probably be left over. After three Phantom waves, things will be quiet enough for you to make a run for the shield controls. Doing so will also trigger a door to open off to the side of the hangar bay. However, there is an Elite and several Hunters waiting on the other side. Have a grenade ready.

Take a Beam Rifle with you from one of the downed Jackal snipers to help keep Elites off the turret here in the next room. After you clear this area, the Plasma Cannon turret makes a valuable asset as you head down the ramp to the next chaotic battle. As you plow through Grunts and head up the stairs, be ready at the top with a Plasma Pistol and a long-distance weapon. Two Elites are here, one with a Concussion Rifle can be trouble on harder difficulties. Stay behind the large column and discharge their shields and snipe them one at a time. A walkway leading away from the door and the waypoint holds a Beam Rifle amongst crates.

The next area has two Hunters in it. The best way to take out the Hunters is by attacking their weak spot — the lower back. The Sticky Detonator, found in both the office area and on a rack with Assault Rifles in the far corner, is the perfect device to take out the Hunters. Use your Hologram to distract a Hunter by sending it around a corner. When the Hunter takes the bait, stick a Detonator round on its rear. You’ll need three Detonator rounds to kill each Hunter.

When you are ready to move on, hit the panel on the door to enter the next area — but grab a Shotgun and a Sticky Detonator for the tight hallways ahead. Before entering the doorway marked on your HUD, grab a Machine Gun Turret from one of the UNSC defending the doorway. When you come to a Plasma Cannon in the dark hallways, look for a small passage you can use to flank it.

The next area features three doors with enemies behind each. If you can expend your cannon from safety, do so. After that, try to finish off the room with whatever you have but save your Sticky Detonator, you are going to need that later on. There are two Elites and Covenant in the next hall, but pay attention to the small group of scientists off to the side of the area. They’ll open a door to a room with the extremely valuable Auto Sentry.

The next docking bay area once again has three doors. Do not enter it, but instead take the path up the side of the room to the upper level. Here you’ll find a Battle Rifle and a perfect place to snipe enemies. Take out the Jackal on the other catwalk first. Throw your Auto Sentry up and begin taking out the many enemies below. As the doors open and let in more, keep an eye on the middle door. The second wave that comes through it has a cloaked Elite with an Energy Sword!

If you still have your Sticky Detonator, plant a charge in front of the doors with Covenant waiting behind them. Wait for it to open and hit the trigger! With the Auto Sentry you should be able to draw enough fire away to clear the room out one headshot at a time. Grab a Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle from the floor of the catwalk before moving on.
The Auto Sentry can help reveal the Elites. After that, it will take a charged Plasma Pistol and a shot to the face for each to secure the room. Before doing anything else, visit the weapons locker opposite the pedestal where you deposit Cortana. Pick up a Sticky Detonator and a Battle Rifle. Now, insert Cortana into the pedestal and retrieve her again. After a stretch of hallway, you’ll enter a room with two Elites up some stairs and ample Grunts and Jackals protecting them. Empty your Sticky Detonator and exchange it for a Plasma Pistol.


All Things Lost and Found

Outside you’ll be able to commandeer a Mantis. The Mantis is most effective from high ground, so cross the large artifact area and walk up on the sandy hill. Watch out for suicidal Grunts with grenades and Elites with Fuel Rod Cannons. Also, a Grunt may hop on a UNSC turret if you don’t destroy them. Use your guns with missiles intermittently on ground troops.

A Wraith will be dropped at both ends of the area, including nearby on the dune behind the artifact. Strafe and fire missiles at these until they detonate. Do not approach them as they can ram you for damage.

The Banshees are the toughest foes you’ll encounter in this battle. Luckily, from the area on the dune, you’ll be able to pick them off one by one. In the lower areas they seem to be more confrontational. A second wave of Banshees will finish the attack. This is the final fight of the level.

Follow your waypoint back inside and to the computer terminal marked. Hit the buttons marked on your display to complete the level.


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