Halo 4 Walkthrough Guide- Part 2: Requiem

Halo 4 Walkthrough: Part 2: Requiem


Head trough the crash site. Use the crevice to get through the rock.

When you reach the cliff side, head left and grab the warthog. Follow the road until you reach the covenant encampment. You can grab one of two ghosts in this area if you want. There are three covenant positions here. One immediately as you enter, another on the rocks to the right, and another in the back.

Head into the pass behind the farthest covenant base. You find a heavily guarded entrance to the forerunner structure. Watch out for the Elite with an Energy Sword near the top entrance.

Enter the Forerunner base. Activate console in the back and the subsequent cores to get the cartographer back online. Eliminate the covenant before activating the Cartographer again. Drop down the bridge and eliminate the covenant below. Cross the bridge and watch for Banshees above.

Entering the next area will be two banshees and various troops. Get through the main passage in the center and enter the building on the far side. Go to the back and head upstairs, outside, and around the corner, killing covenant as you go.

In the next area, two hunters will guard the door. Kill them and proceed to the exit.

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