Gaige the Mechromancer Head Locations- Borderlands 2

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Murdering psychopaths and collecting loot isn’t enough, you also have to look good while doing it. That’s where the different character heads comes into play. These heads can be found strewn throughout the world of Pandora or collected as rewards for killing certain enemies.

Gaige the Mechromancer has some of my favorite heads, ranging from silly to wicked. Digitized Death is a head you can acquire as a rare loot drop, and it makes Gaige look very creepy. Speak No Evil is a head that you acquire by beating the side quest “In Memoriam”, and it puts a rabbit type mask on Gaige while sewing her mouth shut. Lovely Corpse is by far the most wicked looking head, giving Gaige a skull face, one protruding eye, and taking her other eye away completely. You can get that head as a rare loot drop from Vermivorous. Check out the table below for the names and locations for all of Gaige’s available heads. Let us know in the comments section which is your favorite.

Head Name Location
Gaige Default Head Default Heads
Keeping It Real Head Default Heads
Bang Bangs Head Default Heads
Bullet Buccaneer Head Buy Pirate’s Booty DLC
Digitized Death Head Drops from BNK3R Boss in Bunker
Fragger Head Kill Geary in Volcano in Eridium Blight
Handsome Jack’s Mask Kill Handsome Jack
Lovely Corpse Drops from Vermivorous the Invincible
Mecha Wrecka Head Complete challenge: Pay the Bills
Metal Blood Head Drop from Henry (Boss near Overlook)
Pig Rider Head Kill Creeper enemies in the Minecraft zone in Caustic Caverns
Read All About It Head Mission Reward -Symbiosis”
Sinful Sweetheart Head Mission RewardComplete Mission “Statuesque” in Opportunity
Speak No Evil Finish the “In Memoriam” quest
XXX Head Drop from Terramorphous the Invincible





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