Dishonored Trophies and Achievements Guide part 3

After the trophies we have described in the first two parts of the guide here are the last ones. These are going to be much more easier than the trophies-achievements we talked about in part two. Here we go!

  • Mostly Flesh and Steel

Pretty straightforward: complete the game without buying any supernatural power or enhancement. If you play the game like a regular FPS you won’t have any problem getting this.

  • The Escapist

To get this trophy-achievement you have to elude 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map after Coldridge prison. I was able to do it easily during mission 2, by having at least 2 guards following me towards the bridge where other guards are throwing dead bodies off. At this point I had more than 5 guards following me and I just jumped off the bridge and possed a fish as soon as i got into the water. You really need to be quick to be able to do it.

  • Versatile

You have to kill characters with each weapon and offensive gadget during a single mission to get this trophy. The weapons and gadgets you have to use are:

1 – Corvo’s blade
2 – Regular Bullet
3 – Grenade
4 – Spingrazor
5 – Regular crossbow bolt
6 – Incendiary crossbow bolt
7 – Sticky grenade
8 – Explosive bullets

  • Wall of Sparks

This one’s easy: you have to kill an enemy using a Wall Of Light. The fastest way is to throw an enemy through a rewired wall of light.

  • Manipulator

As the description says, you just have to make others kill five of their allies. You’ll need both possession and bend time at level two and a group of enemies: let one of them fire at you, bend time and possess one of the enemies who didn’t fire. Walk the possessed enemies towards the bullets, leave the bodies and unbend time. Repeat this procedure four times and the trophy-achievement’s yours!

  • Razor Rain

Simply kill 5 characters with Drop Assassination. You’ll probably get this without even trying.

  • Harm’s Way

You need to cause 5 unintentional suicides. An easy way to do this is to possess a civilian and get them as close to a wired Wall Of Light as you can, without touching it. Once you leave the body, the poor victim will just fall on his knees and get through the wall.

  • Inhabitant

To get this trophy-achievement you have to stay in possession of others for around 3 minutes. This one’s pretty easy: possess a rat and make it go into a rat tunnel; after 3 minutes get out of the tunnel and the trophy will pop up.

  • Hornet’s Nest

You’re going to need the reload speed upgrade before attempting this: you have to kill 4 enemies with the crossbow in less than a second. The best way to accomplish this is during mission 3, after you have left the golden cat. You’ll see Granny Rags and 4 weepers in an alleway close. Get the weepers in a straight line, bend time, shoot at each of them and you should be done.

  • Speed Of Darkness

Another easy one: you have to travel 30 meters in less than a second. Bend time level 2 and blink level 2 are required to do it, just find an area free of enemies, bend time and blink until bend time’s effect ends.

  • Tempest

You need to kill 6 guards in less than a second. I don’t really have a sound strategy for this trophy, just find an area with lots of guards, try to get them as close to each other as you can, bend time and dispose of them as quickly as you can.

  • Merchant of Disorder

To get this trophy-achievement you have to purchase 15 equipment upgrades from Piero. To do this as soon as you can you have to buy as little ammo, elixir or gadget as you can and invest all your money on upgrades.

  • Cleaner

Fighting 5 enemies at once and killing all of them is the goal here. All you have to do is getting 5 enemies close and kill all of them.

  • Back Home

One of the trophies I enjoyed most: grab a live granade, threw it back and kill the attacker. It’s quite easy to it against overseers in mission 2, as they throw granades when they spot you. If you want to make your life easier, you can also use bend time.

  • ┬áBig Boy

You have to kill a tall boy only using the sword. Using a drop assassination against one of them will do the trick.

  • The Art of the Steal

You have to steal the safe’s contents before giving the combination to Slackjaw during the second of his missions. Once you obtain the combination get into the dealer’s house in the Distillery District and open the safe. After you’re done get back to Slackjaw and you’ll get the trophy.

  • An unfortunate Accident

To get this trophy you are required to kill Morgan Pendleton during mission 3. If he’s not in the steam room just possess him and bring him there. Pick up the turn wheel and turn the steam valve until he’s dead.

  • King Of the World

You have to reach the top of Kaldwin’s Bridge during mission 4. Actually not really the top as the description says, just climb up until you get the trophy.

  • Lights Out

During Mission 9 on Kingsparrow Island you have to deactivate 5 security systems. It’s pretty self explanatory: you’ll find way more than 5 systems during the mission.

  • Alive Without Breath

Incredibly easy: just possess a fish, that’s all.

  • Creepy Crawly

This one’s a no brainer as well: possess a rat and use a rat tunnel. If you got the Inhabitant trophy with my strategy you already have obtained this trophy-achievement.

  • Platinum Blades and Dark Corners

And we’re finally done! Once you get all the other trophies this one will pop up. Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you’ve had as much fun as I did while playing the game and writing the guide!


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