Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Town Map Guide

The Town is one of the areas available for exploration in TranZit in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode: it can also be played on Survival and Grief modes. Most of the town is covered in lava and just like in the Bus Depot, it can damage you and set zombies on fire: there’s a chance they’ll explode after being killed.  This map features some more weapons than the Bus Depot and you’ll be able to get some Perk-A-Colas. The Pack-A-Punch machine is also available even though you can’t reach it without activating the Jugger-Nog perk first.

Tips and strategies

In the center of the town you’ll find the Pack-A-Punch machine; however it’s surrounded by lava so you’ll need the Jugger-Nog to be able to survive the damage from the lava. On one of the sides of the map is the Double Tap Root Beer Perk-A-Cola and the mystery box: they’re in an alcove just outside a small building. Across the mystery box’s location you’ll be able to buy the Olympia gun for 500 points. To the left of the Olympia there’s a wall location for Semtex Grenades.

To the other side of the town you’ll be able to enter the Bar and the Bank: before entering the Bar you can by the Stamin Up Perk-A-Cola, to the side of the Bank you’ll be able to buy the M14 for 500 points. Entering the bank will actually cost you 1000 points and it could be worth it since you can buy the Speed Cola Perk-A-Cola inside. The Bar is also opened by spending points, 750 to be precise: inside you’ll find the Galvaknuckles on the first floor while the Quick Revive and the Mystery Box are available on the second.

The last notewhorty location of the Town Map is the burning building: to enter it you must walk up a set of stairs across the street from the bank and spend 750 points to open the door. Inside you’ll find the MP5, which can be bought for 1000 points and the Juggle Nog Perk-A-Cola: now you can get to the Pack-A-Punch machine if you need to use it.


  • M14 – 500 points
  • Olympia – 500 points
  • Semtex – 250 points
  • Galvaknuckles – 6000 points
  • Mp 5 – 1000 points


  • Quick Revive – 500 points solo/1500 points with other players
  • Jugger-Nog – 2500 points
  • Speed Cola – 3000 points
  • Double Tap Root Beer – 2000 points
  • Stamin-up – 2000 points
  • Tombstone – 2000 points –  Only available when playing with other player.



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