Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Survival Guide

Survival is one of the three games modes available in Zombie Mode for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. During development this was supposed to be the only Zombie game mode but in the end it became a game option for all available maps. Just like the name suggests surviving endless waves of Zombies is the main focus of the mode and we’re going to give you some advices on how to do well while playing this mode.

Starting up

A team of up to 4 players will have to fight endless waves of Zombies: there’s no last wave, the match goes on until every player has been killed. In round 1 you will face very few zombies and as the game goes on so do the number of zombies increase. In order to improve the chances of survival, you can melee the zombies in the first rounds which will help you save precious ammo and earn some good points to buy better weapons in the next rounds. All players begin the game with the M1911 Handgun and 500 points.


Earning as much points as you can is fundamental in Survival Mode: more powerful weapons are a necessity when zombies start becoming tougher. The way you shoot and defeat Zombies is what determines how many points are you going to get.

  • 10 points for each bullet that hits an enemy
  • 50 points for enemies killed with explosives or Upgraded Weapons
  • 100 points for headshots
  • 60 points for enemies killed with a ranged weapon
  • 130 points for enemies killed with melee weapons (Combat Knife, Ballistic Knife, Bowie Knife)

Points aren’t used just to buy weapons: you can use them to open doors, clear debris, activate traps, upgrade weapons with the Pack-A-Punch Machine, buy perks from the Perk-A-Cola machine and get weapons from the Mystery Box.

Downed Players

If a player is hit twice by a Zombie or any other creature, he’ll be knocked down. In this state the player will stay in a sit position for 30 seconds before he dies: he can be revived by another player, retaining all weapons but loosing any purchased perk. If the player dies he’ll be out until the next round and he’ll loose all weapons he bought. In any case all perks bought can never be recovered again.

Doors and Barriers

Like I mentioned before, you can use points to open up doors and get access to more areas within the map, often containing better weapons and perks. Barriers are used to keep zombies outside of the map, but they can be destroyed. Players can build them up again and earn 10 points in the process, but there’s a limit on how many times repairing a barrier will give you 10 points. Also, in the most chaotic situations, repairing a barrier is just too risky and it really won’t give any good advantage over the zombies.

Crawlers and Zombie trains

Making the Zombies “Crawlers” is probably the best way to keep a large number of them at bay and avoid being interrupted when using the Perk-A-Cola and the Pack-A-Punch machine. It’s really simple to do: destroy the zombie legs with well placed shots or use explosives to blow off their legs. Crawlers move very slowly and won’t be able to bother you easily and, as long as they are alive, they’ll prevent spawning more Zombies. Be careful though, a Crawler may die even without you attacking it, and a new zombie will spawn in it’s place. Another excellent strategy which will make you earn good points, save ammo and not taking too much risks is making a “Zombie Train”: try to have a group of Zombies follow you and then move fast around the map; once you have a good distance between you and the enemies, start aiming at their heads and shoot. Headshots give good points and if you’re good, you can take more than a zombie out with a single shot.


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