Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Strategy Guide

Zombie mode is probably one of the funniest multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Surviving hordes of zombies requires good strategy, real skills and most of all teamwork: some luck will probably help you too.
Because of the basic setup of the mode there’s no real rundown on how to tackle the mode but just some tips and strategies that may make you survive longer and score more points.

  • Use that knife

It may sound a bit absurd, but knowing how to effectively use the knife will make you score more points than with a simple kill: during the first phases zombies are weaker so you may prefer to melee them and save all your other resources. Once the zombies become stronger you can use 3,4 shots to wear them down and then finish them with your knife, getting even more points

  • Headshots first, questions later

If killing zombies with the knife may be too dangerous for you, headshots will equally net some good points: in later rounds headshots are the way to go since shooting at them elsewhere will take much more time to take them out.

  • I lost the bus, again!

After zombies have become significantly stronger, you may find yourself needing a safer place to go: that’s what the bus is for in Tranzit mode. The thing is that taking it everytime you see it is not the best way to go: it’s better to explore your surroundings well for ammo and other items. If there’s a mystery box around you can probably take a few risks and skip a passing bus: with some luck you may be able to pick up a good weapon and the bus will be back in a couple rounds.

  • Wait, wait, wait

Just like the bus, rushing won’t be of much help when you see power ups: for example, if you see a Nuke power-up wait before there are a lot of zombies around; if you see a max ammo power up use all your bullets first for maximum efficiency. As a general rule, once you find a power up, wait until it starts flashing and then pick it up before it disappears.

  • The Barricades

This is a good method to earn some extra points in the first rounds when zombies are weak: let them destroy the barricades and repair them to earn points. During later rounds you probably won’t be able to worry about doing any repairing since there are way too many zombies to try doing something so risky

  • Look how much they crawl

A good way to slow the horde down is to make the zombies move slower by shooting their legs or using a grenade on a group. It’s a good move to catch your breath during hectic moments and also to have more time to explore your surroundings: just let a zombie live and crawl and you’ll be able to search the map for ammos and power ups without having to worry about getting away from him.

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