Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Power Ups Guide

Other than the Pack-A-Punch Machine, which grants upgraded weapons and attachments for regular weapons, there are a few more magical Power Ups which can really help you surviving the hordes of zombies during Zombie Mode in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Power Ups may appear after you defeat a Zombie or Hellhound: they’ll have a green glow around it: touch the golden symbol and the effects will activate for all your team. Power ups are always available on any map of the Zombie Mode, except for custom games which have magic disabled. Also, some of the power ups will only appear in a specific map.

  • Carpenter

The Carpenter power up will instantly rebuild all barricades in the current map. Once used all team members will be awarded 200 points. The Carpenter will become really useful once Zombies increase in number and power in later rounds and barricades will be destroyed more easily: you may be keep the zombies at bay for a little longer after using this power up.

  • Double Points

The Double Points power up does exactly what you expect it to do: double all points earned. Get it as soon and you can and start killing zombie: aim for the head or kill them with melee weapons to earn the most points per single kill.

  • Insta-Kill

Another self-explanatory power up: you’ll be able to kill all enemies with a single shot. Since melee kills give the most points and are the most risky during regular play, use this power up to get the most points per kill through melee.

  • Max-Ammo

Just like the name implies, this power up gives max ammo for all team members for the weapon they’re currently holding: dead players won’t get any ammo while downed players will get them for the weapon they currently have out. To make the best out of this power up all the team has to reload before picking it up.

  • Nuke

The Nuke power up will kill all the zombies currently in the map: just like a nuke explosion the zombies closer to the power up will die first with all the zombies to follow. Don’t worry about any zombie surviving because there’s no way for them to avoid the Nuke. Once the Nuke is used all team members will get 400 points, no matter how many zombies are killed. If you’re after a good score, this power up is not too useful: just use it if there’s too many zombies on the map or if you just want to clear a few remaining one without having to go after them yourself.


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