Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Power Plant Guide

Now that we have covered the maps available during all Zombie game modes, it’s time to check out the maps exclusive to the TranZit mode. The Power Plant, just like the Diner and the Nacht der Untoten, can’t be considered as a map, since it can’t be played by itself but just another location available during the TranZit game mode: activating the Power is fundamental to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine available in Town and get parts to build special objects which may required even later, like the Power Switch and the Electric Barrier.

Tips and strategies

Once off the bus you’ll see a door that can be opened for 750 points, leading inside the nuclear reactor: to the side of the door you’ll be able to buy the Ak-74u if you need it. Once inside the reactor you’ll need to turn on the power to be able to open another locked door and to do this, you’ll need to build a Turbine to power up another buildable item, the Power Switch: the parts for the Power Switch can be found near the reactor as well as the working bench needed to actually craft the item. Once the Turbine has been activated you’ll also be able to operate the Pack-A-Punch Machine in the Bank’s Vault in the Town, if you already built it.

Once you power up the Turbine and turn on the power, lightning will come from the central room, killing any zombie present in the room: a glass cylinder will come out together with the Avogadro, who’s know going to be spawn for the rest of the match until he’s defeated for good. After the Avogrado flies in the sky, you’ll finally be able to go inside the actual power plant through the previously locked door. Be careful when activating the power for the first time: the room with the reactor will be locked down for some time and players may end up separated during this time frame: it’s not a problem for the player inside the room since all zombies are going to get killed by the lightning but it could be bad for any player outside the reactor room.


  • Ak-74u – 1200 points

Item parts

  • Board with Pole
  • Cables/Wires
  • Car Battery
  • Electrical Board
  • Old TV Screen
  • Zombie Hand

Buildable Objects

  • Electric Barrier
  • Power Switch
  • Turbine

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