Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Enemies Guide

Zombies aren’t the only enemies that will try to take your life in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie mode. Every creature in the mode has a specific behavior as well as spawning conditions, dropped power ups and overall characteristics. Don’t worry dear zombie hunters, we’re here to help you once again by describing all these hellish creatures and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

  • Zombies

As you might have guessed, Zombie mode has a lot of Zombies: the undead are the most common enemies and it takes them two hits to down you, five if you use the Jugger-Nog. The total number of Zombies per wave varies greatly on the number of players: the less players, the less the zombies. Also, there’s a set number of zombies for each round: you can use this to your advantage by making the last zombies in a wave crawlers and explore the area fully to find weapons, upgrade them and buy perks without being interrupted.

  • HellHounds

HellHounds are another staple in any zombie related medium: they are fast but not as strong as regular zombies. They deal less damage than zombies, taking down players with three hit and even more with the Jugger Nog perk activated. They also appear less than Zombies, only every fire rounds and only on the Bus Depot, Town and Farm maps. Be careful though that they don’t walk into the map like zombies but they get teleported instead. A nice bonus for getting rid of all of them is that they’ll always drop a Max Ammo power up after the last dog has been taken out.

  • Denizens

Denizens are small zombie-fied creatures only found on the Green Run maps: you’ll find them in the mist and they’ll attack you by getting on your face until you take them out by using the knife, by hitting them twice with the Galvaknuckles or by making a team member shoot them. They’re not too dangerous since you can easily avoid them by using the Bus to move from map to map but if many of them are around they can easily take you down, combining their attacks with assaults from regular zombies. Denizens will also teleport if they’re hit by the green spotlight all over the map: you can even take advantage of this by jumping into the hole they make to teleport, making you travel from one green spotlight to another. The first time you do this you’ll also unlock a Trophy/Achievement.

  • Him

Him is the only boss-class creature in Zombie mode and you’ll only have to face him on the Green Run map during TranZit mode. He’ll appear after you turn the power on on the map, causing a storm with Him where it’s centered. To make him disappear temporarily you’ll have to use the EMP Grenade and by doing this you’ll also get a Trophy/Achievement; to kill him permanently you’ll have to build the Thrustodyne Aeronautics and use it to suck him in, completely removing Him from the map.


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