Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Bus Depot Map Guide

Zombie mode in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 has only three maps which can be played in all modes: if you’re playing TranZit mode you’ll be traveling from one map to the other to complete your mission. When the maps are played in Survival and Grief modes they’ll be smaller with less stuff that will aid you in your survival.

The Bus Depot is the first area you’ll visit during TranZit mode: players will start in the lobby of the Bus Depot and they’ll be able to buy two weapons inside it: the M14 for 500 points and the Olympia for 500 points as well. To get to the outside of the station you’ll have to pay 750 points to open the door. Be careful around the map: there’s gonna be fire and lava on the ground and it’ll damage you if you get too close. Fire will also have an effect on zombies: they’ll be lit on fire and may explode once defeated. While outside you can buy another 2 weapons: the MP5 for 1000 points and the Remington 870 MCS for 1500, located in the building opposite to the Depot.

Tricks and Strategies

The map is especially though in Survival Mode since it lacks Perk-a-Colas and Pack-A-Punch Machines: the fact that it’s not too large also makes surviving hard. You can try abusing the Zombie Train strategy but it’s gonna require you a lot of skills to pull it off successfully: not being able to use the Jugger-Nog means that you’ll die easily at the first mistake and makes it even harder doing it solo.

The basic strategy is to run around the pumps avoiding zombies and killing only the ones that get in your way: once the train has been created start crushing some zombies’ skull! The real problem lies in being able to avoid their attacks: zombie respawning can give you quite some problems since most of the times they’ll respawn on the ground or in the mist. You’ll also need to have a high damaging weapon to dispose of the zombies directly in your way and another with a lot of ammo to kill the zombies that are following you. Don’t bother with this strategy during the first rounds: use that time to save bullets and melee them to get the most points.


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