Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 TranZit Mode Guide

TranZit mode is a new Zombie game mode introduced in Call Of Duty: Black Ops2: it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a story mode during the Zombie campaign. This mode is similar to the Survival mode since you’ll have to fight waves of Zombies but while trying to survive you’ll have to complete some specific objectives in order to keep on going. To aid you in this quest there are some features unavailable in the Survival mode.

Buildable Items

Buildable Items are mostly used to slow down zombies giving you a slight advantage. As we already described in our Buildable Items guide, you will have to gather parts scattered all over the maps and bring them to a specific working table: once all gathered the item will be created. Creating items requires a bit of team work and planning: players can only carry a single part at once; the same goes for crafted items. Once downed, players won’t completely loose their items: they’ll just fall on the ground nearby.


The biggest difference between the Zombie gameplay modes is the presence of a robot driven bus, going from area to area. The bus will wait at a stop for a while before moving to the next area: the bus will honk its horn once it’s almost ready to leave. Using the bus is the only safe way to move from one area to another: if you attempt to leave the area and walk through the mist you’ll have to fight zombies and other enemies, with a good chance of being killed without being able to reach your destination. While riding the bus you’ll be attacked by zombies: once the barricades on the windows are destroyed, they’ll start attacking you. The best thing to do here is getting on the back of the bus while killing zombies since, if they drop power ups, they’ll get to the back of the bus by themselves. The bus can also be upgraded with parts hidden behind doors that require power to be opened: the Train Grill will stop zombies from entering through the front window: the Ladder allows players to climb to the roof of the bus from outside and the Hatchdoor will open the roof to let players enter or leave through the roof itself.

Once the bus arrives in an area, it’ll wait for some time before leaving again: it’s up to you if you want to fully explore an area or prefer moving around quickly, avoiding getting overwhelmed by a zombie wave. If you miss the bus don’t start killing all zombies while waiting for it to come back: try to slow them down or make crawlers out of them to save ammo. If the bus stops in an area you don’t want to explore, simply get off and then on again and make sure to close the doors to make it leave as soon as possible.


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